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Antara’s Vision

is to be the most loved and trusted brand for seniors and their families by helping them to improve and enrich their quality of life

About Antara

Antara, derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Antar’, which means ‘the difference’, became a source of inspiration for us to make a difference and enhance the quality of life for our seniors. Our logo with ‘three mandalas’ represents the mind, body and soul. It symbolises the cosmos in a perfectly harmonious state. ​With the core philosophy of genuine spirit of care and an acute eye for detail, Antara was born in 2010.

At Antara we want our seniors to look at life as they get older as a new beginning to a hassle-free life; in the care, safety and security of our expert team. Our endeavour is to create an environment where they feel free to reflect and reconnect with themselves while enjoying the company of like-minded people.

We call this the Antara Way of Life

Our first step in this journey was to create a one-of-its-kind, residential community at Dehradun, which is now home to many family, living an active and engaging life in the company of like-minded people.


Our unique endowment and lineage of healthcare, insurance, hospitality and real estate drove our vision – to become a platform with a host of lifecare, lifestyle and hospitality offerings, tailored to improve and enrich the quality of life for seniors.

Our vison is to be the most loved and trusted brand for seniors and their families, by helping these seniors improve and enrich their quality of life. With this vision, we set ourselves the mission to understand and respond to their evolving needs and desires through a perfect blend of lifecare and lifestyle offerings that deliver a comprehensive and seamless experience.

The dynamic social fabric of our society, the changing times and the growing pressures of modern lifestyle have compelled us to evolve. The hassles of daily medical assistance, overwhelming atmosphere of hospitals and the lack of personalised care, have made many families opt for trustworthy external partners to assist their loved ones. Understanding the evolving needs of seniors and their families, we have launched Antara Assisted Care Services, which includes Care Homes for Seniors, Memory Care Homes, Care at Home services and MedCare Products​, keeping the spirit of sevabhav at the core of our offerings.



We understand and appreciate the wholesome lives that our seniors have lived.
At Antara, we want them to experience their next chapter of life as a new beginning, without any hassles, and in the company of like-minded people where our seniors can live life on their own terms.

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At Antara, we understand that sometimes circumstances might not allow you to be physically present to tend to your elder’s health-related needs. Choosing a trusted health care partner for your loved ones is not an easy decision. Questions about quality, responsiveness and credibility are bound to arise.​

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Memory care is designed to provide a safe, structured environment with set routines to lower stress for people with Alzheimer's or dementia. Employees provide meals and help residents with personal care tasks,

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Aimed to aid the recovery and well-being of your loved ones, we offer a comprehensive range of medical products and equipment, readily available on rent and for sale.

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Due to dynamic lifestyles and busy schedules, many families turn to trustworthy external partners to take expert care of their senior members who require daily medical assistance. While hospitals or nursing homes are their first choice, their overwhelming clinical environment, risk of infection and lack of personalised care can cause stress to the elderly.

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Pillars of Antara

Holistic Wellness

We have an integrated a holistic approach to their wellness with strong preventive health check-up programmes, round-the-clock medical services, and well-equipped emergency response systems.We offer our seniors a range of therapies from yoga, naturopathy, Ayurveda, to a host of curated engagement activities aimed at promoting active ageing. For any other medical needs, we have partnerships with nearby hospitals so that they are never short of care. We also have the ability to offer care at resident homes including services like dedicated nursing, diagnostics, physiotherapy and critical care, in case required.

Physical Wellness

With facilities like gyms, spas, walking tracks, badminton and tennis courts, swimming pool, yoga and Pilates studios, one can choose from a variety of physical activities to stay fit. Our residents can also treat themselves to nutritious culinary delights served at our Club. Our unique cuisine philosophy aims to reflect a sense of homeliness, belonging and simplicity.

Intellectual & Occupational Wellness

At Antara, there are more and more opportunities for our seniors to follow their intellectual pursuits with seminars, workshops, discussion groups, cooking, art, gardening, photography, music classes etc.

Social & Emotional Wellness

At Antara, we endeavour to ensure our residents’ are cognitively stimulated and positively engaged. A dedicated Resident Engagement team curates a daily, weekly and monthly calendar for all our seniors, keeping them up to date with a social calendar they have always been used to.

Spiritual Wellness

No matter what religious path or modern wellness programme our seniors may choose for themselves, their spiritual quests will be richly aided and fully supported by us.

Environmental Wellness

Landscaped greens are an integral part of our design ethos. So, our endeavour is to create a perfect environment for our residents to enjoy every aspect of their lives fully.

Antara was conceptualized in 2010, fuelled with the vision to be the most admired brand for seniors and their families. We took inspiration from our parent group – Max, and its strong ethos of ‘sevabhav’, credibility and excellence.

Max Group is well-renowned for its commitment to nurturing the businesses of life. It has incubated and successfully built iconic brands like Max Life Insurance, Max Healthcare and Max Bupa, which have created benchmarks in service excellence, creating a positive social impact and enriching the quality of every life they touch.

Our unique endowment and lineage of healthcare, insurance, hospitality and real estate encouraged us to broaden our vision – to become a platform with a host of lifecare, lifestyle and hospitality offerings, tailored to improve and enrich the quality of life for seniors.