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What is a care Home?

Antara Care Homes are specialised residential facilities for short- and long-term care, pre & post-operative care and memory care for seniors. These assisted living facilities provide primary health care and emergency response services, curated engagement calendars and nutritionally assisted meals in a homely environment for seniors who require assistance in their daily activities.

Our Care Homes comprise an ecosystem that provides care, companionship, and comfort to recuperating seniors. It includes thoughtfully designed individual rooms with shared common facilities such as Dining Space, Activity Space and Lounge Area.

Be it dynamic lifestyles or busy schedules, you can entrust us with taking expert care of your seniors.

Care Plans

& Security

Senior Friendly

Assisted Meals

Doctor Coverage

24X7 medical care


Antara Care Homes offer holistic care for our seniors following the instructions of doctors, including diet, physical care, and medication management, in a comfortable and sanitized environment.

Memory Care

A one-of-its-kind safe and reliable environment for patients challenged with memory-loss ailments such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s

  • ​Specialised care with safe infra, balanced diet, mental simulation activities and therapies.
  • Care plans created to manage the daily activities with focus on mental rehabilitation.
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Short-Term Stay

A comfortable and sanitised environment for pre and post-operative care; also known as Recovery Care

  • Holistic care plans following the instructions of doctors, including diet, exercise and medication management.
  • Offering recovery care for Ortho surgeries, COPD, Bypass surgery, Oncology surgery and more.
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Long-Term Stay

Designed for seniors who need constant medical and nursing supervision, along with management of daily lives.

  • Suited for seniors living alone, having low immunity or long illness.
  • Care plans created to manage their day-to-day medications, vital monitoring, diet and exercises.
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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Offering customised on-site services with personalized treatment plans for each resident.

  • Focused on those suffering from mobility restrictions and need physiotherapy to restore movement.
  • Care plans created for patients who have undergone surgery or treatment leading to restrictive movement.
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Continuous medical care and assistance in daily living for your elders in a home-like environment.

  • Comfortable Accommodation: Comprehensive care for seniors staying alone and in need of medical assistance in state-of-the-art accommodation.
  • Recuperative care: Recuperation packages for pre- and post-hospitalisation care.
  • Rehabilitation: Customised on-site physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Why Choose a Care Home over other stay options?

After a surgery, elders need specialised post-operative care. We offer an ecosystem specially designed to cater to such needs. Our team of trained care givers are available round-the-clock to look after your family members and offer a host of unmatched nursing, rehabilitation, and caregiving services a hotel cannot provide.

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Continuous medical care and assistance in daily lives

  • Regular monitoring of elders
  • Holistic post-operative care
  • Upcountry travel to Delhi-NCR for medical treatments/exigencies
  • Frailty and mobility issues


Senior-Friendly Rooms
24*7 Medical Care
Doctor Coverage
Personalised Care Plans
Nutritionally Assisted Meals
Safety & Security
Comprehensive Services
Early Morning Coverage
Senior-friendly Sample Collection
Reliable and Certified Testing
Ease of Coordination
Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Keeping You Engaged

For patients in our Care Homes, engagement is vital. A variety of activities are carried out as part of the daily care routine for our residents to keep them physically, cognitively, and socially engaged. Basis Antara's Pillars of Wellness, activity calendars are created keeping in mind the residents' mental and physical abilities. At Antara Care Homes, we ensure that the engagement activities cater to a holistic well-being of our residents.

Excellent Facility, Excellent Staff, Excellent Food , Excellent Infrastructure. Pretty good experience living here. Good facility that we came across. Excellent service from the staff , medical team. Amazing experience all over. I would recommend to all of you incase you want home care environment. We got exactly same food we wanted. the chef was very supportive. Pretty good location. Thanks to all the team members , nurses , support staff.


Good Food , Polite members of the team. Would like to recommend to our friends to stay here. Taking a copy of your booklet ‘Antara care homes’ to recommend to my friends. May good continue , good progress to your whole team.

Aditya Sharma

Thank you very much for your cooperation during our treatment with Antara. You have done an excellent job and we appreciate it very much. Gob bless you.

Rakesh Verma



Care Homes are comfortable homes with integrated health care services for seniors with curated care offerings, thoughtfully designed to cater to all their health care needs in a warm and homely environment. Some advantages include senior-friendly infrastructure, personalised care plans, 24/7 medical attention, homelike food and curated engagement activities.

The pricing depends upon the nature of services availed, medical care required, location, stay category and the room type. The price range for a room per night is Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 10,000.

There are two categories of residents at care homes, namely long term, and short term. Long term residents stay for more than three months while the short term stays for less than three months. Short term residents are recuperating patients. Long term stay supports healthy ageing.

Antara Care Homes offer customised care plans for all residents wherein multidisciplinary team creates a holistic plan in conjunction with the treating clinician for assisted living, critical care, pre- & post-operative care, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The team has experience of handling various clinical speciality patients including Oncology, Cardiac, Neuro, Ortho, Memory Care and more.

We have a wide variety of rooms based on size and occupancy. Residents have an option to choose from single, double, or shared occupancy. There are also options of suite rooms, and some rooms have balcony access. While the categories may differ, all the rooms have senior-friendly infrastructure supporting fragility and senior’s needs.

The attendants are allowed to stay with the resident at a nominal additional charge. They will also be provided with all meals and access to the fragility.

Visitors are allowed to visit the resident on prior information to the care home manager.

Our staff is well trained to handle any emergency, clinical or otherwise. We also have a well laid out plan for handling specific situations. All our team members at care homes, clinical and non-clinical, are trained in basic life support management.
In case of a clinical emergency, protocols advised by the treating/supporting doctor are followed while keeping the family informed. The team also arranges supporting infrastructure such as ambulances to take the patient to the nearby hospital, if required.

We offer a broad range of services for care and comfort. A broad list of services include:

a. Personalised care plans developed in consultation with the treating doctor
b. Cleaned and sanitized rooms
c. 24x7 nursing care and attendants
d. Medication administration and emergency support
e. Regular doctor consultation
f. Senior specific infrastructure – step-free access, emergency buttons, grab bars, safe and secure premised
g. Large common areas for physical and recreational activities
h. Nutritionally rich and freshly prepared meals
i. Engagement activities for physical and cognitive stimulation
j. Daily vital monitoring
k. Housekeeping and personal laundry services
l. Basic and Advanced Physiotherapy
m. In house diagnostics
n. In house and Antara managed Medical Equipment support (rental/sale)

While the nursing homes are usually government-funded or run by non-profit organizations, Antara Care Homes are privately owned and provide a vibrant environment and holistic care to the seniors as per their needs and comfort. Antara Care Homes offer integrated health care services in a home-like environment for seniors looking for pre- & post-operative care, memory care, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Unlike a nursing home, Antara Care Homes include both health care offerings like 24x7 medical team, ICU setup, physiotherapy center, medical equipment and lifestyle offerings like patient engagement activities, assisted living, open spaces for physical engagement and more.