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What Is A Memory Care Home

A Memory Care Home is designed to provide its residents a secure and safe environment with structured routines that help reduce the pace of cognitive decline among Dementia patients. Antara recognizes the need of specialized care and dedicated caregivers for people with Dementia, and thus the Memory Care Homes were conceptualised.

The team at Antara Memory Care Homes takes care of Dementia patients and assists them in carrying out their everyday tasks. Their neuro cognitive health parameters are monitored, and appropriate support and care is provided to help residents navigate through their day easily. The team is trained to deal with exigencies that may arise as a result of the cognitive disorders and memory-loss ailments of residents.​

All caregivers are trained and certified as per and approved memory care learning curriculum (162 hours duration), by the Healthcare Sector Skill Council, a Not-for-Profit working to create and set standards in the medical fraternity. The Council has been promoted by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and leading Healthcare Industry Members representing both public and private sector. The certification also positions Antara as a pioneer in memory care training in the country.
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Difference between
Memory Care Home and Care Home

A Memory Care Home

  • Offers specialised neuro cognitive care for the patients suffering from Dementia
  • Provides a secure and safe environment with structured routines for those suffering from memory-related ailments.
  • Helps residents deal with cognitive and psychological changes, affecting one’s memory and social abilities that interfere with daily life activities
  • Provides adequate support to help residents navigate through their daily activities

A Care Home

  • Care Homes are specialized residential facilities for short- and long-term care, pre & post-operative care, which can include memory care.
  • Care homes provide primary health care, emergency response services, curated engagement calendars, and nutritionally assisted meals for residents who require assistance in their daily activities.
  • In addition to help with activities of daily living, care homes services include medication management, wound care, IV therapies, respiratory therapy, etc.


As India’s ageing population continues to increase, at Antara we recognize the growing need for Dementia care in the country. Our Memory Care Homes offer clinical wellness solutions, mental stimulation activities and emergency support for patients enabling them to lead their lives with dignity. Continuous surveillance of the facility provides peace of mind to the family regarding their patient's safety.

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At Antara Memory Care Homes, every aspect of our service reflects the guiding principles behind our endeavours to nurture Convenience, Clinical Quality and Trust.


We bring superior health care facility with the comfort of your home, curated according to the need and delivered whenever you choose. Call us anytime, we’re accessible 24X7 to tend to the care of your family members.

Clinical Quality

We provide care plans curated in accordance with world class standard operating procedures by highly experiences clinicians and specialists. Given the reputation and legacy of Max Healthcare, clinical excellence is not an option but imperative to us.


Consistency and reliability are the hallmarks of the Max Group. With over 10 million customers, it is known to keep its promise at all times. We keep you involved to maintain utmost transparency.



Latest Blog


Contrary to popular belief, Dementia and age have no direct correlation. It is entirely different than normal old age forgetfulness.

Dementia is an umbrella term that is used to describe symptoms that impact memory, hamper daily functions and also make communication tough, whereas Alzheimer’s is the most common type of Dementia.

While genetics can be a risk factor, not all types of Dementia are inherited.

With proper care and symptoms management people diagnosed with it can lead relatively normal lives. It must be realised that time is of essence when it comes to Dementia and the treatment should start as soon as the diagnosis has been given.

While cases vary, confusion and difficulty in communicating in Dementia patients can often lead to anger outbursts.

Dementia can be a result of many risk factors, from genetics to lifestyle. Here are some indicators that can help you understand these better:

  • Memory loss.
  • Difficulty in performing daily tasks.
  • Disorientation & confusion regarding time and place.
  • Poor or decreased judgement about day-to-day things.
  • Misplacing things.
  • Sudden change in behaviour.
  • Trouble with images and spatial relationships.
  • Speech difficulties
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