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A guide to understanding dementia caregiving

2022-Apr-06 Care Home

A progressive neurodegenerative disorder, Dementia affects the cognitive abilities of an individual like memory, thinking, and reasoning. Various factors contribute to this condition and dementia is categorized into types based on the causative factor. Alzheimer's is the most commonly diagnosed cause of dementia among older adults.

At the onset, dementia may not majorly affect an individual’s functioning. But, as the condition progresses to later stages, people require assistance with even routine activities like eating and bathing. Although not a normal part of the aging process, dementia is more common as people grow older.

Seniors with dementia require undivided care and attention to ensure they lead a safe and healthy lifestyle, by receiving the right form of support. As the condition progresses, the patient’s needs change at every stage, and so do the responsibilities of a caregiver. Let’s take a look at the role a dementia caregiver plays and the need for expert dementia caregiving services.

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In the initial days, seniors are mostly independent and continue going about their daily activities. During this stage, a caregiver largely plays the role of a friend or companion that lends a helping hand when needed and helps in planning for the future.

As the condition progresses into the middle stages, things start to get much harder. The frustration levels increase as they find it harder to recollect things, think, express, or even carry out their daily routine. There is now a pressing need for constant support. Caregivers need to be patient and take decisions that guarantee patient safety. Patients will find it hard to communicate as they start to forget words, are unable to convey their thoughts, and face difficulties in understanding others as well. From home safety to daily care needs and more, caregivers are responsible for all facets of the patient’s life.

In the later stages, the condition further intensifies, creating a pressing need for round-the-clock care. Extreme changes in behavior, inability to communicate, and more, full-time help becomes a necessity. At this stage, caregivers play a very crucial role - ensuring dignity and quality of life.

For seniors with dementia, it requires a team of experts to work together, throughout the day, to ensure patients are comfortable and get everything they need. Even the best in-house care measures may fall short over the years, making memory care homes a wise choice for seniors and their families.

Memory Care Homes for patient wellbeing and superior quality of life

Dementia caregivers help both the patient and their families to cope with the condition and provide quality care. Memory care homes that offer specialized dementia caregiving services provide 24/7, exclusive care, powered by a team of trained experts. Antara’s Memory Care Homes offers long-term assisted care services for seniors, to ensure they lead a dignified and comfortable life, under the supervision of trained caregivers.

Skilled dementia caregivers, nutritionists, and a fully-equipped residential facility, Antara Memory Care Homes provides a peaceful and warm environment for seniors to lead a high-quality life, in the company of compassionate caregivers. Antara Memory Care Homes promises best-in-class services, in a one-of-its-kind safe, and reliable environment.

Comprehensive care ​with safe infra, balanced diet, mental stimulation activities, and therapies, our care plans focus on mental rehabilitation and overall patient wellbeing. Our Memory Care Homes have been designed for patients challenged with memory-loss ailments such as Dementia, and offer customized therapies that cater to individual cognitive needs. Antara’s specially trained memory caregivers and state-of-the-art infrastructure ensure your seniors are in good hands. For more on our Assisted Care services, call +91 98114 41111.