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Debunking common myths about Senior Living

2021-Dec-25 Antara senior care

Aging is an inevitable part of life that seniors must embrace with open arms. While some may require a little extra help and support, some others are capable of carrying out their daily tasks independently. So, what are senior living facilities, and why are they a great option?

antara senior care

Senior living accommodations like Antara Residences are focused on providing luxurious, carefully designed homes with world-class amenities, keeping in mind all senior needs. With everything needed easily accessible, these residences enable seniors to start their new chapter on their own terms.

However, there are many misconceptions and myths that surround senior living residences. Let’s take a look and bust some of them:

There’s no independence or privacy in senior living residences

Another common notion is, shifting to a senior living residence means an end to one’s independence and privacy. The idea behind these residences is to create homes where seniors have everything they need and feel right at home. Offering independent living residences for seniors that are safe, secure, packed with resources, and high on privacy, these homes are a great place to welcome seniorhood and live a beautiful life.

The food is bland, no choices, and there is no option of cooking

Food is an integral part of everybody’s life and the assumption is that senior living residences offer unappetizing food and there is no option of cooking. Contrary to this popular belief, senior residences have in-house restaurants that offer an array of nutritious cuisines while the independent houses have fully equipped kitchens for seniors who wish to buy the ingredients and prepare their own meals.

Senior living residences are just old-age homes

Another common myth is the belief that these senior living communities and old-age homes are the same. In reality, however, the only aspect that’s common between the two is that they house senior citizens. Senior living residences are communities with independent houses, equipped with all modern utilities, senior-friendly designs, and a range of services to choose from.

Things slow down, it gets lonely and boring

A community of like-minded people to spend your time within a beautiful and peaceful environment, senior residences are certainly not lonely. A range of clubs to join, facilities like pools, badminton, tennis, etc, and the choice to pursue hobbies as well, these residences ensure seniors lead a healthy lifestyle and are actively engaged in areas that interest them.

There’s a schedule you follow and you cannot step out or meet friends

Senior living residences offer clubhouses, restaurants, and party halls for residents to meet friends and even host events with loved ones. There is no rule book or schedule that seniors must adhere to. Much like their earlier homes, they are the bosses of their own lives and are free to choose what they want to do every day. In case residents want to step out for shopping, events, or any other activities, transportation is arranged by the community, and seniors with licenses are free to drive their personal vehicles as well.

The prevailing belief about senior living residences is that they are institutionalized and a place for the ‘old’ and ‘ailing’. They are anything but that. Delicately designed, lavish homes, 24/7 security, modern amenities, and a range of services to choose from; senior living communities like Antara Residences are becoming the most preferred choice among seniors today.

A larger population of people are looking beyond the stereotypes are realizing the true value in investing in these homes for a stress-free and peaceful life. For more information about Antara Residences, get in touch on (+91) 96430 00014