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Discovering Inner Peace and Aging Healthy

2022-Apr-02 Residences

As people step into seniorhood, they often realize that their minds and bodies do not function in as much harmony as they did when they were younger. Whether it is a lack of mobility in their limbs, the aches, and pains, or age-related memory issues, it can seem very different from the life they used to have. These ailments can often push seniors into a life of dissatisfaction, and sometimes even depression.

So how can we ensure that our loved ones age in a healthy manner?

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Meditation: Meditation is beneficial regardless of one’s age. For seniors, it can help them stay more alert, improve immunity by boosting oxygen levels in the bloodstream, reduce the chance of contracting stress-related ailments, and amplify peace of mind. In some cases, it can even result in enhanced sleep quality and the ability to cope with stressful situations. To reap the many benefits of meditation, experts advise that it must be practiced at least five times a week.

Physical Activity: This not helps in healthy aging, but is also a way to ensure that optimal weight is maintained. But with the numerous aches and pains that are part of an aging body, seniors can often feel demotivated and fall off the exercise bandwagon. A clever way to ensure that they are physically active is to pick an activity that they enjoy. For someone who enjoys nature, it can simply be a walk in the park, for others, it can be swimming, yoga, or badminton, depending on their fitness level and health conditions.

Staying Social: As people age, it is extremely essential for seniors to stay connected with family and loved ones to promote a balanced state of mind. Having a close-knit community of family and friends will help seniors alleviate loneliness, and reduce chances of cognitive decline, depression, and memory loss. For parents who do not live in the same country or city as their friends or family, they can use the internet and social media to stay and feel connected to the world at large.

Try Something New: Retirement would seem like the perfect opportunity to learn a skill that they have always wanted to, but never had a chance to because of the bustle of daily life. Be it painting, chess, trying new cuisines, or even picking up a new language can help seniors feel a sense of accomplishment and happiness. Not to mention the many cognitive advantages it has for the brain!

As our loved ones age, helping them to live the next phase of life in comfort would help ease our worries. Antara’s Residences for Seniors are carefully designed to meet the physiological, emotional, and healthcare needs of seniors. This one-of-a-kind property, located amidst the lush greens , has facilities like a yoga pavilion, creative activity zones, terrace gardens, focal plazas, organic gardens, and orchard walkways, to name a few.

More active seniors can take their pick from a variety of activities like badminton, tennis, golf, and fully-equipped gyms. It provides the perfect setup for healthy aging while leaving them with a sense of calm and bliss. For older individuals that require more assistance, Antara Residences are equipped with amenities like anti-skid flooring, panic alarms, wheelchair turning radius, wide doorways, railings for support, and much more. To know more about Antara Residences, visit our website here , download our brochure or call us at +91 96430 00014