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Fighting the Omicron Together


As the global pandemic crosses the 2-year mark, the world continues the battle against the virus and its variants. The latest surge in cases has been caused by Omicron, the variant that is believed to spread much faster and easier than the Delta variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, some reports suggest that it might be a less severe variant. While the impact might be less severe, being negligent and not following COVID-19 protocols can spell disaster for a large part of the population.

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What’s important to understand and remember is the fact that people with comorbidities, senior citizens, and the unvaccinated are all highly vulnerable. In a country like India with a high population density, even a small percentage getting infected can prove to be catastrophic. Sending us back into a ‘second wave like situation’, oxygen and bed shortage, unimaginable pressure on healthcare and frontline workers, economic impact, and more.

As sensible citizens, we must continue to practice all safety measures, reduce transmission, and protect those who are at an increased risk of contracting the virus. So, what are the common symptoms of Omicron?



Sore throat


Body pain


Loss of taste and smell

These are just a few of the symptoms that have been most commonly reported and it is impossible to state that these are the only ones. Some may have diarrhea and more severe cases can experience shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, or chest pain.

Keep the fight against COVID-19 going

The key to fighting this deadly pandemic is undoubtedly vaccination. As more and more people get vaccinated, we can safely attain herd immunity, overcoming the disaster that this virus has been causing over the past several months. This is why hospitalization numbers are low today. With a huge percentage of our country’s population being partially or fully vaccinated, immunity levels are much higher, reducing impact, and slowing down transmission. So, how do we continue to gain control over the virus and contain its spread?

Complete your vaccination doses. If you are a senior citizen, take your third dose when you’re due.

Continue to mask up, practice social distancing, and sanitize regularly.

Do not self-medicate.

If you experience symptoms of a cold like a runny nose or a persistent cough, get tested.

If you begin to experience symptoms, begin self-isolation. Do not wait to get tested.

If you do test positive, it is important to keep a check on your oxygen levels. If it starts to dip below 94%, speak to a doctor immediately.

Home test kits and rapid antigen tests are effective and help determine if you have been infected. However, if you test negative but still experience symptoms, best to get a PCR test done to rule out any false negatives.

Avoid non-essential travel and gatherings.

With all safety protocols strictly adhered to, facilities fully sanitized, and staff vaccinated, Antara’s independent living residences for seniors have proven to be a safe and happy environment for seniors. The team at Antara’s Residences for Seniors have made all necessary arrangements and ensured seniors living in the community completed both their doses and are now enabling them to get their precautionary third dose as well. Additional measures were also taken to prevent any infections within the communities:

Regular sanitization of common spaces

Ensuring staff follow all COVID-19 protocols

Temperature checks at the entrance

Controlled visitor entries

24x7 emergency response teams and healthcare facilities

Doctor on call

Resident service teams

Our carefully crafted homes designed keeping in mind all senior-specific needs makes an ideal home to welcome seniorhood amidst like-minded people. Get in touch on (+91) 96430 00014 to know more.