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How has assisted living in care homes evolved?

2021-Nov-25 Care home

Just a few decades ago, care homes had quite a negative connotation attached to them, including being compared to institutional places with poor hygiene, dilapidated facilities, and zero privacy.

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Thankfully, all that has changed. Over the years, care homes evolved to become a place where seniors could live their life with dignity, have their independence, and receive the highest level of medical care whenever required. In fact, as we inched towards the end of the 20th century, care homes started to become even more specialized, offering services that would improve the quality of life for seniors in a holistic way. Most care homes started catering to health issues beyond the traditional ones, such as those of speech, hearing, nutrition, alongside offering rehabilitation in a smooth and seamless manner.

In the last decade or so, care homes have received a dramatic makeover, thanks to a heightened focus on holistic wellbeing, especially for seniors. Along with meeting the more complex health requirements of seniors, care homes have also started offering assistance with daily activities. Not just that, care homes now also offer seniors the option to avail the benefits of living in a community with like-minded people, while also receiving any medical or daily-living assistance they may need. Such care homes ensure that seniors can live peacefully in the comfort of a close-knit community.

Why should one choose a care home for their seniors?

A modern-day care home goes a long way in improving the quality of life for your loved ones. If your senior needs a lot of care and supervision, especially into the night, a care home with 24*7 assistance can ease your worries. Or if you are unable to meet your senior’s medical needs at home, a care home can come to your rescue.

Another important question that you need to ask yourself is whether you or someone in your family can provide a constant anchor for your seniors, and coordinate all their needs. Because caring for a senior goes beyond just medical assistance; it involves planning nutritious meals for them, keeping them physically active, and engaged in conversations. If you think that you may not have the time to do any of these, it is best to move your loved one to a care home where they can be taken care of.

At Antara Care Home, we ensure that we bring a certain structured routine in the lives of seniors, have trained staff to help them with daily activities, including walking, bathing, dressing, and manage any other responsibilities, so that they can relax and enjoy their time. Moreover, in terms of healthcare interventions, Antara Care Home is fully equipped with medical equipment, suited to varying needs of seniors, along with having a doctor-on-call at all times.

As your trusted healthcare partner, we promise to take care of your loved ones just like how you would. To know more about our service offerings, visit us at https://antaraseniorcare.com/care-homes/