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How to start socializing in a retirement community

2021-Dec-11 Antara Senior Care

As humans, it is natural for us to crave social connections with the community around us. However, as seniors age, their social circle tends to reduce with time.

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As humans, it is natural for us to crave social connections with the community around us. However, as seniors age, their social circle tends to reduce with time. Seniors who have moved into assisted living facilities face this in particular, as they are no longer surrounded by the familiar faces that had been a part of their lives all along. This sense of isolation and loneliness can result in deterioration of mental and physical health over a period of time.

Why is socializing important for seniors?

When seniors are on their own without the support of a social circle, they tend to get depressed. Being part of a community can help them be happier and gain a positive outlook on life. This is especially true for those older people who have lost their partners due to age or illnesses. Additionally, as seniors grow older, they are prone to age-related ailments. While some seniors are able to rationalize and cope with this reality, others may feel a sense of despair over their changing health conditions. Forging new friendships and meaningful relationships with like-minded people can go a long way in helping them restore a sense of balance in their lives.

Socializing in Retirement Communities:

When seniors move into new homes, the first couple of weeks can be overwhelming. In addition to getting adjusted to a new environment, there is also a sense of loss or isolation while getting adjusted to new surroundings. In good senior care facilities, there are a host of health, wellness, and entertainment programs designed to ease them into a comfortable way of living and alienate the monotony of daily life.

Sports: Seniors who are physically able, can get together with other residents and play games of their choice. Not only does it keep them remain physically active, it also encourages a sense of competition and improves mental clarity.

Yoga: For seniors who are yoga aficionados, there can be regular workshops and daily practice sessions that can improve both mental and physical well-being.

Book Clubs: Many senior care homes are equipped with libraries that house a variety of the latest books, journals, and periodicals. Getting together once or twice a week to discuss an interesting book or exchange ideas about daily happenings around the world can go a long way in keeping the mind invigorated.

Workshops: For those who love to learn a new skill, most senior residences arrange workshops conducted by experts in the field. Seniors who are interested can come together and attend these workshops, which do not just help exercise their brain and lower the risk of memory-related ailments, but also allow them to be filled with a sense of accomplishment.

Antara Residences are designed with the latest facilities that ensure that your family members feel right at home. Seniors living in these residences also have access to a 50,000 sq ft Antara Club that has a host of amenities. It houses a spa & salon that offers a variety of services, reading rooms, creative workshops, golf putting greens, and a 40-seat private theater, to name a few. The services and facilities are designed on pillars of wellness like holistic wellness, physical wellness, and intellectual and occupational wellness.

Their holistic approach to wellness guarantees preventive health checkups, 24/7 medical services, and well-equipped emergency response systems. They also have exercise programs designed to ensure that all senior residents experience optimal health.

The physical wellness pillar highlights the importance of amenities like gyms, spas, walking tracks, badminton and tennis courts, swimming pool, yoga, and Pilates studios. Seniors at Antara are certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to physical activities. The intellectual and occupational wellness pillar focuses on keeping the mind as fit as the body. They have a chance to follow their passion and attend seminars and workshops in fields like cooking, art, gardening, photography, music classes etc.

For seniors who prefer the proximity of winding greens, refreshing lakes, and majestic mountains, our facility will be the perfect pick. For others who would love to be in the heart of the city, our upcoming Noida facility provides a perfect blend of world-class infrastructure in the heart of urban living. Want to know more about Antara Residences? Take a look here or get in touch on (+91) 96430 00014.