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Low impact exercises for seniors to stay in shape

2022-Apr-06 MedCare

Exercise and nutrition are essential parts of our lifestyle throughout one’s life and as one ages, the requirement keeps evolving. Our body changes as we get older, which leads to seniors to having different reasons for staying active as compared to younger individuals.
Doctors often recommend that seniors should remain as active as possible, without over exerting themselves. To live a longer, healthier and happier life; it becomes imperative for seniors to keep an active lifestyle than a sedentary one.

As the body gets tired easily, here are some low impact exercises that a senior can at home itself, without the scare of fall.

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1. Slow Walking

One of the most popular form of exercises for seniors that they prefer and is highly recommended by doctors as well. Walking is a great weight-bearing exercise that doesn’t put stress on joints and muscles while being easy on the back and assisting in overall posture. This low impact exercise assists in overall body conditioning and keeps the seniors active. Studies also show that seniors who incorporate walking into their daily lifestyle have much better body balance which leads to fall prevention and are considerably more independent with their daily chores. Walking has been directly associated with lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, colon cancer and more.

However, while opting for walking, one needs to be cognizant of the footwear and should go for comfortable shoes and cushion-based soles. Furthermore, this activity should be limited to 15-20 mins within or near one’s home in the day with proper hydration and one shouldn’t tire their body.

2. Chair Yoga Based Exercises

Like walking, chair yoga based exercises are also one of the preferred low impact exercise by the seniors. It helps in improving balance, flexibility, mobility and muscle strength. A physiotherapist often recommends chair yoga based exercises to recuperating seniors as it’s an accessible form of yoga and doesn’t stress muscles, joints or bones unlike a regular yoga.

Research has shown, similar to yoga, Chair Yoga based exercises help in improving mental health and seniors have better quality sleep, lower sense of depression and show overall sense of general well-being. These exercises include overhead stretch, seated cow stretch, seated cat stretch, seated mountain pose, seated twist and more. One should always connect with a physiotherapist to opt for the best exercises.

3. Resistance Band Workouts

Another option to improve the workouts at home for seniors is opting for resistance bands. Resistance Bands are stretchy rubber strips that resistance to the workouts while reducing the stress to the body. They are user-friendly and a preferred option for beginners. Apart from being low-impact, these bands help in developing and maintaining balance while strengthening the core of the body. These bands can be used for exercises both while sitting or standing, as per the comfort of the senior. Some of the exercises include: leg press, triceps press, lateral raise, bicep curl, band pull apart and more.

However, while opting for a resistance band, one needs to ensure that these bands are of high quality to avoid breakage and are available in different lengths.

4. Tai Chi

Originally developed as a martial art in 13th Century China, Tai Chi now practiced across the world, especially among seniors, as a health-promoting exercise. It combines deep breathing with flowing exercises leading to relaxation. Studies have shown that for people above the age of 65, Tai Chi helps in reducing stress and increasing muscle strength leading to better balance and improved general mobility. This further reduces the chances of fall, which is high in seniors.

Tai Chi is suitable for all as its one of the low-impact exercise and doesn’t put too much pressure on bones and joints. While this exercise and its poses are easy to follow, its recommend that a senior takes couples of sessions and get comfortable with the correct poses.

5. Seated Stretches

Stretches while sitting are one of the most comfortable low-impact exercises for seniors. If done regularly, it increases the range of motion in both joints and muscles. They can be combined with resistance bands and rubber balls as well to increase the effectiveness of the exercise.

These stretches are better suited for seniors suffering from chronic joint pain or ones who are recovering from an injury. There are multiple routines available, and a senior should connect with a physiotherapist to develop the best routine as per the requirement and comfort of a senior. These exercises help in building both upper and lower body strength leading to relief in body pains.

Antara offers holistic services for the senior care. One can choose between assisted living in Care Homes or opt for Care at Home services , both under the guidance of physiotherapists to develop such routines. The services also offer an option of buying or renting medical equipment which is senior friendly; from varied sizes of exercise balls to resistance bands, a senior basis his routine, can choose from a wide variety of products from a trusted partner.

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