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Navigating relocation stress syndrome

2021-Oct-22 Antara Senior Care

Relocation is something that people across age groups find hard to cope with. However, older adults, especially seniors, find it more difficult to adapt to this change.

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Relocation is something that people across age groups find hard to cope with. However, older adults, especially seniors, find it more difficult to adapt to this change. As seniors grow older, they tend to need support and many require long-term care owing to various medical conditions. While a change in environment and shift to new homes and living situations are a great idea keeping in mind their safety and overall wellness, this move can be very hard on seniors.

Transfer Trauma or Relocation Stress Syndrome is when a person experiences symptoms that impact their mood, psychology, and behavior when they make this change. While people of all age groups ranging from kids to elders can experience this syndrome, for seniors, this change is a lot harder. The stress of relocating takes a toll on both, the mental and physical wellness of seniors. It can result in a downturn in physical and psychological well-being, leading to serious complications or even premature death.

Today, however, more seniors are understanding the value behind making the shift to exclusive residences for seniors. Carefully crafted homes that don’t just enable access to a host of facilities, but also provide secure spaces and unmatched peace of mind to lead a stress-free life. An array of benefits and the promise of truly living life on one's terms are making these residences the preferred choice among seniors.

Overcoming Transfer Trauma

The key to ensuring a stress-free and safe relocation among senior citizens involves two important aspects:

● Picking the right caregiver

● The family working with the caregiver to make the shift seamless

For seniors with health issues like limited mobility and dependencies to carry out their daily routine, this change in location can cause higher levels of distress and result in severe depression. In such cases, extra care must be taken to ensure relocation does not have a negative impact on their overall health and wellbeing.

What can one do to avoid or better handle Relocation Stress Syndrome?

● Actively involve the senior during the decision-making process. After all, it is their new home and it is only fair that they have a say in where they stay next. While the family may have their best interests in mind, it also means seniors moving out of a space that has been home for over 40-50+ years, to an entirely new space. Conversing and involving them throughout the process and considering their opinions can go a long way in enabling a positive outcome.

● The senior’s family must also work actively and extensively with the new home/caregiver to discuss strategies that reduce the risk of this syndrome. If the relocation stems from a condition that results from a fall, medical condition, or accident, it is important to keep the patient informed of the possible decisions being made, even if there aren’t many options or they cannot be an active part of the decision making process.

● Reminiscing is an unavoidable and obvious part of relocation. Senior citizens will have a lot of possessions and stories tied to homes. Spend time with them to understand the emotional sentiment behind these possessions, categorize, and decide what to keep and give away. This is likely to be an emotional process and active participation of family members is important.

● While you help them downsize, setting up their new home is equally important. Family photos, cherished possessions, and setting up other pieces similar to their old home can help make a smoother transition.

Making way for a new home

It goes without saying, caregivers and the new home are integral aspects in preventing this syndrome from setting in. Ensuring all of this falls in place means picking the right residence for your loved ones. With best-in-class facilities and certified caregivers, Antara Residence in Noida are equipped with all things that create the perfect space for seniors to live life on their own terms. At Antara Residences, we not only understand the needs of seniors but the emotional aspects that are tied to relocation as well.

Antara Residences are fully furnished and designed keeping in mind the specific needs of seniors. With features like 24/7 healthcare facilities, round-the-clock resident services team, emergency response team, and more, our residences are equipped with all the essential amenities. A living environment that feels like home, enables seniors to function as usual, and provides help whenever required, Antara Residences are the perfect place for seniors to live the next chapter of their life, carefree.

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