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Senior's Guide to Feeling at Home in Senior Care Facilities

2022-Feb-01 Residences

Moving out of one’s home to a senior living residence can be quite a shift for the elderly. There will be monumental differences in lifestyles, food habits, surroundings, and the people they interact with on a daily basis. Leaving behind all that seemed familiar for decades can seem overwhelming even to the most well-adjusted seniors.

How can we ensure that our older family members experience an ideal life once they have shifted to a senior living residence?

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Socializing: Encouraging seniors to socialize and get to know the other residents can go a long way in alienating their sense of loneliness. They can participate in group activities, play board games, spend time in common areas, and form a bond with other seniors.

Decluttering: A clean space promotes a happy mind. Independent living residences for seniors are often maintained by the seniors themselves. Though the management provides housekeeping services, ensuring that seniors don’t make a habit of hoarding unnecessary items is critical to optimum well-being.

Hobbies: Most senior living residences have clubs that offer a host of classes like crafts, drawing, pottery, and more. Taking up a new hobby or learning a new skill can not just keep seniors happy, but will also promote brain health.

Spending time with loved ones: Even if the older residents have the best care and invigorating environments, they will still miss their loved ones back home. Regular visits must be scheduled where seniors can spend time with family, especially the little ones. This would also help them feel that they are still invaluable.

Exercise: Physical movement is as important as mental health, especially among seniors. They should ensure that they exercise regularly and participate in sports that are physically permissible. Seniors who are unable to take part in vigorous exercise can still practice yoga or go for brisk walks.

Adhering to these points can help seniors retain a sense of individuality while residing in senior living communities

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