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Tips to choose the right blood pressure machine for the elderly

2021-Dec-10 MedCare Products

If there is one key medical equipment that all seniors should have with them, it is a blood pressure monitor. Whether you are taking care of an elderly parent, are a full-time caregiver,

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If there is one key medical equipment that all seniors should have with them, it is a blood pressure monitor. Whether you are taking care of an elderly parent, are a full-time caregiver, or a senior yourself, it is important that you get home a blood pressure machine to monitor yourself regularly.

Blood pressure machines can prove to be incredibly useful for early disease detection, and optimizing a senior’s health accordingly. Knowing fluctuations in blood pressure can hugely reduce the risk of fall in older adults, and even help monitor whether a change in medication is having an adverse effect. So even if you are not being treated for hypertension or other problems associated with blood pressure fluctuations, it is wise to invest in a good device for successful preventive healthcare.

In this article, we will share some tips on how you can choose the blood pressure machine for use at home.

1. Choose the right kind of blood pressure monitor

Today, there are a plethora of blood pressure devices available to choose from, which can be incredibly confusing. While you can choose one basis your budget and requirements, you should ideally go for one that is fully digital. Those types of devices tend to give the most accurate reading than the regular ones.

2. Ensure that the cuff of the device fits your arm properly

Choosing the right cuff size is the most important requirement for choosing a blood pressure device. Check the size thoroughly and make sure the cuff fits appropriately. If not, you may run the risk of getting inaccurate reading on your device.

3. Make ease of use a priority

It may be tempting to buy the most advanced kind of blood pressure machines, but remember that it is more important that you choose something that is very easy to use. The buttons on the device must be big enough, and the instructions to use shouldn’t be too complicated.

4. Be mindful of the cost of your machine

You may want to choose a cheaper blood pressure machine based on your budget, however, do remember to check if it has all the features that you need for effective monitoring. Check the accuracy of the device, and make sure it is certified.

5. Consider a device based on special needs

If you are purchasing a blood pressure machine for seniors with specific monitoring needs, make sure it has all the requisite features. If they need to travel a lot, consider buying a compact, portable device. There are also several devices that give you an indication of your risk category based on daily readings. Some devices also store all your readings so you can assess trends over a period of time.

Regularly measuring a senior’s blood pressure is a good way to ensure their overall wellbeing. At Antara too, we believe that preventive services are important for older adults to help them live a longer and healthier life. Which is why our range of MedCare products are aimed at the well-being of your loved ones. Our comprehensive range of medical products and equipment are readily available on rent and for sale, and bridge the gap to provide the highest level of care. Right from respiratory devices, bathroom accessories, walking aids, to wellness devices such as blood pressure monitors, and other medical support equipment, the Antara MedCare product portfolio is clinically certified.

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