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What is Rehabilitation Therapy for seniors?

2022-Apr-09 MedCare

Aging is nothing but natural and comes with its own set of bodily changes. As seniors age, it is common for the body to stiffen up, have limited range of motion, reduction in strength and flexibility, and an overall dip in endurance. Some elders have coordination issues too. For some, conditions like arthritis or osteoporosis have a more severe impact on the body, increasing pain and limiting movements.

An effective method to help seniors cope with these changes is rehabilitation therapy. As the name suggests, rehabilitation therapy is a branch of medicine that focuses on enhancing and restoring functional abilities, significantly improving quality of life. Physical therapy is a type of rehabilitation therapy that is often prescribed to seniors who are experiencing pain or difficulties with movement. It aids in reducing pain, improving movements and range of motion, and recovery after a surgery.

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Physical therapy enables this through a range of treatment methods:

● Training to improve strength and balance
● Specific stretches and exercises to relieve pain and improve mobility
● Massage therapy
● Hot or cold therapy
● Assistance to help utilize rehabilitation and support accessories

For seniors, the main aim is to improve mobility, reduce pain, and help with certain underlying chronic conditions like arthritis. Trained physical therapists work with patients by first analyzing their movements during everyday activities like climbing stairs or getting dressed, and then putting together a plan after understanding the difficulties they face. The plan includes targeted exercises and other methods that use specific medical-grade equipment to help seniors move around and function better.

Rehabilitation accessories play an important role in this process. Therabands, cool packs, exercise balls, medical air mattresses, and more, these accessories provide significant pain relief and help elevate quality of life.

Gym ball: This exercise ball helps alleviate lower back pain with the right stretches

LS belt: For those suffering from moderate to severe back pain, it provides spinal support

Air mattresses: Improves blood circulation and provides pressure relief

Theraband: Resistance bands that aid in strength training and focused physical therapy exercises

Cold and hot packs: To reduce swelling and pain in specific areas

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