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What is the difference between independent and assisted living communities?

2021-Nov-23 Care Homes

As our loved ones age, finding the perfect care set up for them is our top priority. However, with the number of options available for senior care, it can be overwhelming to choose the right fit for your family.

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As our loved ones age, finding the perfect care set up for them is our top priority. However, with the number of options available for senior care, it can be overwhelming to choose the right fit for your family. Senior care facilities can have an array of features depending on your specific requirement. Depending on the health of the loved one, one could choose an assisted living setup or an independent living facility.

Let us explore some of the differences between the two and some critical points to keep in mind while choosing a residence for your loved ones.

Independent Living Facilities: These kinds of residences are apt for seniors who choose to live by themselves and do not require a lot of assistance. This setup offers seniors the independence and freedom of living by themselves while being part of a like-minded community. Most of these senior living facilities encourage healthy socializing between residents through specially designed activities and workshops.

Antara Residences for seniors, located in the lush greens are ideal for those who like to stay away from the bustle of city life. For seniors who prefer to live in the heart of a vibrant city, our upcoming Noida facility is the perfect option. Our Noida facility is built near the capital city with excellent infrastructure and a 9-hole golf course that runs through the community. It is easily accessible to the major expressways and world-class hospitals in the neighborhood. While you can choose whichever option best suits your loved ones, our host of benefits remain nearly identical in both locations. Our wide range of senior living facilities includes on-site consultations with a range of specialists, preventive health checkups, fitness instructors, and personalized wellness plans. We also have dedicated nutritionists that can craft the right meal plan for residents, based on their likes, dislikes, and medical conditions. Our residences even offer facilities to organize events for friends and family. You can also opt to get more services like laundry, club access, internet access, and more with our comprehensive plan.

Assisted Living Facilities: This is an ideal pick for families of seniors who have pre-existing medical conditions and would need some amount of personal or medical assistance. These establishments have customized care and nutritious meal plans, based on the patient’s medical conditions. They even have 24x7 nursing staff and cutting-edge medical equipment available on-premise to help patients in case of any emergencies. Additionally, some seniors may suffer from ailments like dementia, Alzheimer's, or age-related memory problems. Such patients would require memory care homes that provide around-the-clock assistance. In addition to daily living assistance, these homes should also include special cognitive rehabilitation programs designed to ease their anxiety and improve their well-being.

Antara Care Homes provides options for both long-term and short-term care. Our daily medical assistance program is crafted for older patients who have undergone medical procedures and require post-operative care. Our experienced caregivers collaborate with health care providers to chart a customized plan that will aid patients on the road to recovery. Our long-term care facilities are conscientiously designed to cater to the needs of geriatric patients that need consistent medical care for long periods of time. Our rooms are also equipped with grab bars and anti-skid flooring for enhanced safety. For patients suffering from memory loss, we have a full suite of behavioral activities and continuous engagement for brain simulation. Our memory care experts are well trained in emergency management protocols and will provide personal assistance to ensure that they have the right nutrition and physical exercise routine. We have well-established Care Homes in multiple locations like Gurugram and New Delhi. All three of our Care Homes are located in prime residential areas with leading hospitals, shopping complexes, airports, and metro stations within an accessible distance.

Whether you choose Antara Care Homes or Antara Residences, our amenity-rich care centers provide unmatched, holistic care for your loved ones and you can rest assured that they are looked after by safe, capable hands. To learn more about our facilities, ring us at (+91) 9811441111.