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What must seniors look forward to in 2022?

2022-Jan-01 Antara Senior Care

Happy new year readers! We hope this year brings you and your loved ones prosperity and good health in plenty.

Expert Senior Care, Apno Jaisi

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Happy new year readers! We hope this year brings you and your loved ones prosperity and good health in plenty. As we ring in the new year, it is important to keep in mind that we’re still in the midst of a pandemic and we shouldn’t let our guards down. Keep those masks on, avoid crowds, sanitize your hands regularly, and most importantly, get vaccinated (if you haven’t already).

With the new variants of the Coronavirus like Omicron creating frenzy around the world, the Indian government is taking steps to ensure citizens are protected. India has begun the rollout of the ‘precaution dose’ of the COVID-19 vaccine from 10 January 2022, and Covid vaccinations for 15 to 18-year-olds from 3 January.

To begin with, the precautionary 3rd dose is being administered to all those above the age of 60 and people with comorbidities. Apart from them, all medical professionals and frontline workers have also started taking the dose.

The process for the 3rd dose is similar to the first 2 doses of the vaccine. Anybody above the age of 60, with a 39 weeks or 9 months gap between their second dose and day of registration for the 3rd dose is eligible. Only those who have completed 9 months are eligible for taking the shot.

Let ‘you’ take front seat this year

It has been almost two years since the outbreak of the pandemic that changed our lives forever. The lockdowns, restrictions, and being forced to stay indoors have hugely impacted lifestyles. It has been particularly hard on seniors. Cooped up indoors, almost no form of exercise, and the lack of contact with the outside world has affected the mental health and sleep patterns of many.

Seniors! Make this year about you, your health, and wellness. Whether it's walking, swimming, yoga, or the gym, take your pick and build an exercise routine. Ensure you make ‘me time’ - time that is exclusively for you, to work on your hobbies and interests. Join classes or invest time in pastimes that keep your mind and body active.

Two areas that need to be worked on, no questions asked - sleep and health checks. Get enough sleep and wake up well-rested every day. This gives you both, physical and mental energy to stay active throughout the day. The need for less sleep as you grow older is nothing but a myth. For those with conditions like blood pressure, sugar, etc., monitoring and recording the levels on a regular basis is important. Also, whether or not you have any health conditions, ensure you get an annual full-body health check done.

Another integral aspect to a healthier 2022 - diet. Sure, we all give in to our cravings. But, what’s important is to remember that ‘cheat days’ are the exceptions and not the norm. A nutritious diet adds immense value to both physical and mental wellness.

Take those breaks

Let this not be one of those new year resolutions that become a distant memory within days or weeks. Make your health a priority, but remember, baby steps. After all, Rome was not built in a day. Cultivating healthy eating habits and activities take time. Be patient and don’t give up. Seniors sometimes find it harder to build in these routines and might need a little extra help.

Beyond the routines and changes, travel, meet old friends, and take those much-needed breaks. If there’s anything the pandemic has taught us, it's that life is unpredictable and things can change in a matter of seconds. So, whether it’s over the phone, lunches, or travel, connect more and often with friends and family.

Make seniorhood the grand next chapter of your life, filled with moments and experiences that truly make you happy. A key aspect to this is also being a part of a community where you surround yourself and converse with like-minded people.

Built on the philosophy of creating senior-friendly spaces, Antara Residences are steadily becoming a popular choice among seniors and their families. Curated engagement activities, in-house nutritional experts, doorstep medical services, gyms, courts, and more for physical wellness, Antara Residences have everything easily accessible for seniors, right within the community.

Antara’s holistic approach to senior wellness initiatives includes Intellectual and Occupational Wellness that enables seniors to pursue their hobbies and interests through seminars, workshops, and classes. The dedicated team caters to all other areas as well including Social, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellness activities.

Carefully crafted homes, beautiful landscaping, a peaceful location, in the company of co-residents - Antara Senior living community and the upcoming facility in the heart of Noida. Explore the Antara Residences here, or get in touch on (+91) 96430 00014.