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Focus on the right elements and make those retirement years fun!

2023-Apr-03 Residences

Who ever said retirement or retirement homes are boring, lifeless, or lonely has most certainly never experienced life in a luxurious senior living residence with plush lawns and good-quality service. Afterall, a credible foundation is what gives a viewpoint value.

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What if we told you it's a new chapter that’s meant for celebration, a time for great freedom and all things joyful? Don’t take our word for it, here’s "what residents have to say" - We live a very very full life here. We socialize a lot and have our schedules full. We chose Antara because we liked the concept. They have very good facilities for senior citizens.

So, what is life like at Antara’s luxury retirement homes in India? Why are seniors increasingly opting for a retirement home in India? Well, to put it simply, they get to live a picture-perfect life, on their own terms. From morning fitness routines to evening strolls and chatting up with friends, Antara’s independent living residences for seniors are focused on holistic well-being.

There is this common notion that life post-retirement is dull and one loses their independence. It is quite the contrary. Life post 60 is about rediscovering hobbies you couldn’t make time for, putting your health and fitness first, and reconnecting with friends and family. Antara Senior Living communities focus on all these aspects, and that’s why our residents love it here.

How can you add those elements of fun and lead a wholesome life as a senior?

For starters, understand and believe that it is the start of an exciting new chapter, one where seniors get to focus entirely on themselves. Retirement days are ideal for seniors to pick up a new hobby or pursue old ones. They can also join hobby clubs and spend time with others who share similar interests.

Seniors should use these years to travel and explore the world. It is an ideal time to visit old favorites or plan new destinations. Traveling may not be everybody’s cup of tea. However, staying active is important for everybody, especially seniors.

Regular exercise is not just integral to maintaining good health but boosts mental wellness. An active mind is just as important as an active body. Gym, yoga, pilates, swimming, badminton, tennis, and more, seniors can take their pick and make staying active fun in retirement.

Today, the reason many seniors prefer a retirement home in India is that they have all of this, and more, available under one roof. Places like Antara Senior Living communities offer everything from fully furnished residences to a spa, pool, gym, myriad hobby clubs, yoga and pilates classes, and restaurants. An idyllic setting where seniors can lead a comfortable and hassle-free life with like-minded folks.

The Antara way

Set in an ideal location just minutes away from the expressway, Antara Noida is for seniors’ looking to experience a new urban life, on their own terms. Day-long access to the gym, pool, theatre, salon, day-to-day activities planned by experienced coordinators, and an all-day long club where seniors can come together, interact, and build a sense of community.

For seniors looking for a more secluded stay away from the city, Antara Dehradun offers residences uniquely positioned to maximize views of the mountains, or the valley, a sprawling 50,000 sq. ft. club, golf putting greens, and multiple F&B spaces.

Retirement years are not drab and uninteresting. Infact, it is a time to start a brand new chapter, enjoy the things one loves, try new things, and invest in oneself. After all, we all have got only one life to live. It’s time to live it up!

These are what we believe in and live by at Antara Residences or what we call the Antara Way of Life. To know more about our exclusive luxury retirement homes in India, take a look here or reach out to us at +919643000015.