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How Advanced X-Ray Services Aid in Supporting Outpatient Needs

2023-Jan-30 Care at Home

X-rays or X-radiation is a common medical imaging technique that is prescribed by doctors to capture images of internal structures of the body like tissues, bones

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X-rays or X-radiation is a common medical imaging technique that is prescribed by doctors to capture images of internal structures of the body like tissues, bones, and organs. Patients might require X-rays for various reasons - precautionary care, fractures and ligament tears, lung or heart related issues. Geriatric care in particular might require X-rays to -

• Monitor a pre-diagnosed condition

• Effectiveness of a treatment plan

• Examine the area where a senior is experience pain or discomfort

Whether it is a dislocation or fracture from a fall, osteoporosis, or cardiovascular conditions, seniors may require X-rays for various reasons. As one grows older, age related comorbidities like heart diseases, hypertension, and respiratory conditions or slips and falls increase the need for X-rays among the elderly.

Visiting a hospital or diagnostic center for an X-ray becomes a tedious task for seniors as they need to travel for the appointment, and it sometimes involves multiple visits too. Especially when the elderly is suffering from pain and tiredness due to fractures or infections, traveling to a hospital, waiting for the slot, and getting the imaging done can be extremely exhausting. This could be followed by another visit to collect the reports and meet with the doctor to decide the next course of action.

X-ray at home: Helping seniors lead a hassle-free life

Diagnostic tests like X-rays are normally outpatient medical treatments, i.e., they do not require an overnight stay or patients to get admitted. So, what if we told you senior citizens could complete an X-ray at home? No stress, no travel, medical imaging right from the comfort of their home.

Part of our comprehensive home care services for seniors, Antara offers -ray service at home keeping convenience of elders as a priority. With devices like a portable X-ray machine and a team of certified technicians, Antara offers X-rays service from the comfort of your home.

How are X-rays at home services beneficial?

• Avoids the need for travel or movement, especially among seniors with severe health conditions.

• The machines are more flexible, allowing technicians to take images while the patients are in standing, sitting, or sleeping positions.

• The diagnostic procedure is much faster, eliminating long wait times and processing images faster. The results are accessible to the concerned physicians almost immediately, enabling quicker diagnosis and treatment.

• These new-gen machines also reduce exposure to radiation when compared to traditional machines.

• The high-tech features fasten the process and produce very high-quality images in a short span of time, aiding quicker diagnosis.

Bringing comfort to your home with Antara’s X-ray home services

Our care at home services brings the entire healthcare ecosystem to the comfort and convenience of your home. Antara’s team of trained health experts bring personalized services to your doorstep, ensuring your seniors receive the best medical care and assistance.

From home critical care to nursing and physiotherapy, our exhaustive service listing has got you and your loved ones covered. Antara’s X-ray at home services guarantee safe and hassle-free diagnostics, compliant with all clinical protocols. That’s not all, we also deliver on our promise of same-day reports. We at Antara assure hospital standard reporting and diagnostics are conducted by trained and certified technicians who follow all COVID-19 protocols.

We offer various at-home X-rays, like bone, knee & hip, chest, and hand. To book an appointment for an X-ray at home or to know more about Antara Care at Home services, call us on +91 98114 41111