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How Antara’s Assisted Living For Senior Citizens Ensures Safety!

2022-Jul-26 Care Home

As one becomes older and is more susceptible to numerous chronic conditions, health becomes even more vital. The good news is that there are several methods to avoid health concerns and being a part of enriching programmes is a great place to start with.

Much like we all grow in our own unique ways and pace, we age differently too. While some seniors go about their life independently, some others might need a little extra help. Some opt for care at home services, but some others need assisted living facilities. 

So, what are assisted living facilities? These are special housing facilities designed for seniors who require short or long term medical and personal care. This need could arise due to several reasons like surgeries, critical care, emergencies, memory care, or degenerative conditions. In such cases, families look for two principal factors when choosing an assisted living facility for their seniors - safety and undivided expert medical supervision

With homes thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of seniors requiring daily assistance, Antara Care Homes are ideal for those looking for short- or long-term care, pre- or post-operative care, or memory care residential facilities for seniors. 

What makes Antara Care Homes one of the best assisted living facilities in India are the fact that it checks both the factors of safety and expert monitoring. Let’s look at some of the services Antara Care Homes offer that ensure senior’s safety, making them a leader in India - 

● Senior-friendly rooms with anti-skid tiles and grab handles to avoid slips and falls. 

● Nurse call buttons in the rooms and bathrooms, for additional safety and quick response. 

● In-house doctor for medical assistance and emergency support 

● 24/7 medical attention and nursing care 

● Access to in-house diagnostics and medical equipment 

● Infection control measures and clinical grade housekeeping 

Top notch facilities, safety measures, staff, and offerings spanning across areas like critical care, cardiac care, orthopedics, and oncology, Antara Care Homes provide comprehensive care for seniors in need of specialized medical assistance. 

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