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How care at home services help seniors better manage chronic conditions

2023-Aug-28 Antara

There are a wide range of chronic conditions and disabilities that commonly affect senior citizens which impact their mobility, cause mental ailments, or affect their emotional balance. Some of the conditions seniors are most prone to include hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, arthritis, and heart conditions. High blood pressure and cholesterol increase the risk of heart diseases like stroke and heart attack, while osteoarthritis causes swelling and joint pains.

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Often, senior citizens with chronic conditions require extra help and personalized care plans to cater to their specific needs. While their conditions necessitate extensive support, seniors prefer to stay in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. This is where care at home services provide respite for the elderly and their families.

Care at home or home care refers to a gamut of services provided to seniors by certified caregivers, in the comfort of their homes. The range of services focus on enabling seniors to lead a better life by helping them keep up their independence and carry out their daily activities with ease. Depending on the senior’s needs and preferences, care at home services create individualized care plans that are provided by certified and trained caregivers.

How care at home provides essential services for seniors with chronic conditions

Based on the condition, its severity, and the requirements of an individual, the home-care services provided vary. The caregiver collaborates with the patient’s healthcare provider to ensure a comprehensive care plan is created and adhered to.

● The primary care provider helps seniors with medication management. Chronic conditions often have complex medical prescriptions that must be followed. Caregivers ensure seniors take the prescribed medications as per their schedule and monitor any possible side effects.

● Many geriatrics require assistance with monitoring their chronic conditions like blood sugar, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation. The caregiver closely monitors vital signs and reports any abnormalities or changes to the healthcare provider. This helps in keeping track of the condition, detecting potential issues early, and facilitating timely intervention when necessary.

● For some seniors, carrying out daily tasks becomes difficult and they require a helping hand. At-home caregivers provide assistance with everyday activities like bathing, grooming, eating, and overall mobility to improve comfort and safety. They also help with meal preparations to make sure all dietary restrictions are followed and seniors get the required nutrients.

● Oftentimes, chronic conditions increase the risk of falls and accidents due to various factors. Caregivers help in reducing the risk of falls and injuries by assisting seniors with mobility, identifying probable hazards, and implementing prevention measures.

● A key factor is the ability for care at home professionals to provide companionship and emotional support. Chronic conditions and the inability to carry out tasks the way they used to takes a toll on the mental and emotional wellbeing of the elderly. Caregivers engage in conversations and build a rapport that helps lower the chances of depression, isolation, and loneliness.

● In case of conditions like Arthritis, caregivers help with pain management and improving mobility by helping seniors carry out moderate exercise routines and apply hot or cold packs to alleviate the pain.

● Care at home also extends specialized memory care services for seniors with cognitive impairments or Parkinson’s. Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia require caregivers that assist with daily routines, supervise the seniors to ensure they are safe, and keep them engaged to boost cognitive functioning. For seniors with Parkinson’s, care at home helps in better management of symptoms, improving coordination and balance, conducting daily activities, and maintaining their independence.

By catering to the physical and emotional needs of patients, care at home services promote senior wellbeing and dignity. At-home caregivers empower the elderly with the support they need to lead a happy, healthy, independent, and better quality life.

Not only do care at home services allow seniors to age gracefully from the comfort of their homes, it also often promotes family involvement in the process, thus improving the overall support system for seniors. Antara’s health care services at home bring the right mix of personalized care and attention that help families care for their loved ones under the guidance of reputed clinicians. Antara’s comprehensive solutions delivered by a team of certified experts bring quality health care to the comfort of your home.

Whether it is Critical Care (ICU) set-up at home, assistance with daily activities, comprehensive check ups, or extensive physical therapy; Antara is a trusted healthcare partner that follows all clinical protocols and tends to your elder’s health-related needs. Explore Antara’s Care at Home services that encompass various areas like nursing care, physiotherapy, at-home diagnostics and more, made available right at your doorstep.