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How do elder care homes cultivate a home-like atmosphere that enhances the overall quality of life of residents?

2023-Jul-14 Antara

Eldercare homes or assisted living facilities have been established to provide help and support to people as they age. Some seniors may require more assistance than others owing to their health conditions, and their families may need extra help to ensure that their loved ones receive the best care.

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Eldercare requires meticulous planning and emphasizes on providing undivided support to seniors. Primarily, assisted living facilities focus on ensuring the safety and well-being of residents by providing a secure environment and trained staff who assist them with their daily activities.

However, an integral part of this process is creating a home-like atmosphere to boost the health and happiness of residents. The environment aids in promoting the mental, physical, and emotional health of seniors by creating a space that is comforting, secure, and more importantly, familiar. 

Assisted living facilities with well-thought-out and carefully crafted spaces help reduce the stress and anxiety levels of residents, and lower the chances of depression. But how do the elder care homes in India achieve this? Take a look at what goes into cultivating a home-like environment that seniors love -

● First and foremost, the idea is to create a space that resembles their home. Various elements and details of living spaces are taken into consideration like cozy furniture, lighting, decor, colors, and patterns. These help establish a sense of familiarity for the elderly and have a calm and comforting effect on them.

● The elder care team works with the residents and their families to set up the place and encourage seniors to bring personal items that are cherished by them. This could include photographs, art, or any other possessions that help them curate more personalized living spaces. This forges a sense of familiarity and ownership in the new living space. 

● Nutrition is another key aspect and homely meals go a long way. Wholesome, home-like dishes and meal plans are curated by working with the residents that include what they like while being mindful of their dietary restrictions.

● To keep the activity levels and spirits of residents high, the teams in elder care homes plan daily engagement activities. They organize hobby clubs like art and craft, gardening workshops, and other sessions like music therapy that provide mental stimulation and keep them engaged.

● The idea is to foster a sense of community among residents and promote healthy interactions. Common areas like the community living room, dining space, and garden areas encourage social interaction where seniors can engage in conversations with like-minded people and participate in activities together. The home-like atmosphere and interactions with fellow residents urge seniors to form friendships, support each other, and share experiences, thus alleviating feelings of loneliness and isolation.

● Each resident requires an individualized care plan and a dedicated team curates a tailored plan to cater to their specific needs and preferences. Trained and certified caregivers invest time in understanding the routines, likings, and life histories of residents to strike a chord with them and develop a valuable bond. 

● To ensure residents receive best-in-class care, the staff are trained to develop meaningful relationships and incorporate individual preferences into their daily routines. The specialized team engages with the residents, spends time in having conversations, hearing them out, and making sure they feel at home, valued, and respected. 

The focus and efforts of elder care homes in creating warm and nurturing living spaces significantly improve the quality of life of residents. It helps them pursue hobbies and interests, engage in social interactions, and continue their daily routines while enjoying their independence.

Assisted living facilities like Antara Care Homes provide specialized residential facilities for short and long-term care, pre & post-operative care, and memory care. The home-like environment and co-created care plan give residents a sense of control, respect their autonomy and choices, and provide overall satisfaction to them and their caregivers. Additionally, the staff are also trained to monitor the health and medical needs of residents. They are equipped to provide basic medical care, assist with medical administration, and coordinate with their doctors to ensure proper medical attention is received.

The people-centric approach in elder care homes also encourages family involvement in the care of their loved ones. Family members are involved in the process, are recommended to make regular visits, and contribute to creating a more supportive atmosphere that enhances the overall experience and quality of life for residents.

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