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How retirement homes help seniors overcome loneliness

2022-Dec-05 Residences

To each his own, they say. Much like the choices we make and liking we have as individuals, each person has their own way of dealing with senior-hood. The transition to senior hood comes with a lot of mixed emotions, changes, and questions.

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Seniors are especially vulnerable to loneliness due to many reasons like aging, mental and physical weakness, illness, retiring from their workplace, loss of loved ones, disabilities. This loneliness and social isolation can have a significant impact on their health. If left unattended, it can result in a steep decline in both mental and physical wellness. Reports suggest that loneliness and social isolation -

•Increase the risk of dementia by 50%

•Stroke by 32%

•Heart disease by 29%

•Mental health disorders by 26%

According to the study 'Changing Needs & Rights of Older People in India', in a population of 1 billion plus people, almost every second elderly person suffers from loneliness. A survey revealed that 64.1% of the elderly in urban areas and 39.19% in rural areas reportedly claimed they suffer from loneliness. The survey also reported that the main reason seen by the respondents was living alone or only with their spouses. The other factors were less interaction with family members, poor health, isolation, and non- availability of social-interaction.

Luxury retirement homes in India: A breath of fresh air for seniors

Today, seniors are breaking out of the traditional and old-fashioned mindsets. A retirement home in India is increasingly becoming the home of choice among the elderly. These are not ‘old age homes’ but luxurious housing communities, with sprawling laws, swimming pools, entertainment areas, restaurants, sport facilities, and more.

Swanky abodes for seniors to ring in the new chapter and lead an independent life. Senior living communities, as they are popularly referred to, are a great place for the elderly as they get to spend time with like-minded people in a safe and secure environment.

With special attention to senior-specific features for holistic well-being, Antara’s independent living residences for seniors is a sought-after retirement home in India. Antara’s thoughtfully designed senior-friendly homes encourage the idea of active aging, and focuses on creating a space where they can live life on their own terms.

How Antara’s senior living community helps overcome loneliness and social isolation

Focussed on the factors that enhance life, the team at Antara’s senior living homes leave no stone unturned to ensure the residents have access to everything that they need. The carefully crafted homes are designed to align itself with the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of residents, enhancing their quality of living.

The most important aspect that prevents loneliness and isolation is the community. Seniors are in the company of people that are in the same new chapter of senior-hood and share similar interests. With the Antara Club at the heart of every community, seniors get to meet fellow residents and engage in conversations regularly, reducing chances of social isolation.

Antara’s Comprehensive Benefit offers myriad services that ensure seniors live the life they are accustomed to, without compromising on any standards. From housekeeping to end-to-end maintenance and security, the team at Antara makes sure all needs are taken care of.

Activity zones, hobby clubs, classes, and creative workshops, to name a few - it’s never a dull day in the community. Keeping the mind and body active prevents negative thoughts. As the popular phrase goes, ‘an idle mind is the devil's workshop.’ Gym, yoga, pilates, badminton, swimming, tennis; Antara’s senior living residences are fully equipped to keep seniors healthy by engaging them in a sport or hobby of their choice. With certified instructors and daily classes, seniors have a variety of options to choose from and events to look forward to.

By setting a rhythm and participating in hobbies of their choice, seniors enjoy their daily routines. These hobbies and clubs keep them mentally and physically active, and making it an activity along with friends reduces the chances of loneliness and depression.

A picture-perfect life where seniors live life on their own terms, this retirement home in India offers everything that one needs to overcome loneliness and lead a positive life. ‘The Antara Way’ guarantees seniors a rich, fulfilling, and healthy life for its residents sans any difficulties. Life at Antara is testament to the fact that life post fifty-five can be just as great as the decades before. For more about Antara Senior Living Communities, view our brochure here or reach us on +91 96430 00014.