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How to assist a senior regain confidence after a fall

2021-Nov-15 Antara MedCare

You may think that a senior falling down is a rare occurrence. But in reality, about 36 million older adults fall each year! Not just that, but one out of every five falls causes an injury, such as broken bones or a head injury.

These statistics are not to scare you, but to make you realize how falling and injuring oneself is a common occurrence among seniors. When you are younger, falling down and injuring yourself is not a big concern because you heal quickly. But even minor falls can be extremely damaging to seniors - not only physically but also mentally.

Physical injuries from a fall are surely painful, but the incident itself can be quite traumatic. A senior who may have fallen might lose confidence in their ability to walk and take care of themselves. This fear can further hold back their recovery and confine them to their beds for a long time.

If you have a senior at home who has had a fall recently, here are some measures you can undertake to help them regain their confidence and get them on the path to quick recovery.

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Talk to your seniors and understand their fears
It is easy for us to dismiss a senior’s fear of falling again. However, we miss what that falling incident may have triggered, including loss of independence, fear of not being able to call for help, extended hospital stays, being bedridden for life, and much more. Understand that their fears are legitimate and talk to them to ensure that you understand their fearful behaviour.

Get rid of anything that increases their chances of falling
It is a good practice to assure your loved one that you are doing everything in your power to ensure a fall doesn’t happen again. That means removing everything from the house that may cause them to fall. Get rid of loose cables or wires that may trip them, get skid-proof mats or rugs, install sturdy railings and handles in the bathroom, and have proper lighting within the house.

Encourage physical activity for your seniors
Falling into a pattern of physical inactivity after a fall can prove to be dangerous in the long run, and lead to further physical and mental decline. Which is why it is important to ensure that your senior gets back to a routine of physical activity after recovering from a fall. Start slow, encourage them to take baby steps every day. Accompany them on their walks to assure them that they are safe. If needed, hire a physiotherapist to help them heal and get back to moving their body.

Get home medical aids to help them recover
The one thing that seniors fear the most is losing their independence as they age. This fear can be aggravated if they feel like they are not able to get around on their own. To help them recover after a fall, invest in quality medical assistance such as walking aids, self-operated wheelchairs, etc. This will not only help them heal, but also gradually increase their confidence in being able to move around on their own.

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