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How to choose a personal caregiver while ensuring safety and trust

2021-Sep-14 Antara Care Homes

Embracing significant life changes doesn’t come easy to everyone. And in your old age, transitioning and adapting to the plethora of physical and mental challenges can be incredibly overwhelming. Therefore, having a reliable and trustworthy caregiver becomes even more critical for those who want their seniors to live a comfortable and stress-free life.

While there are many options to choose from when hiring a caregiver for your loved one, the process itself can be daunting. After all, you will be trusting someone with your senior member and your entire home in your absence, hence making safety a vital factor in the process. But don’t worry, we have a checklist to help you make the best decision.

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Word-of-mouth recommendations
It’s always the best option to hire a caregiver who has worked for someone you know and trust. If you have a referral from someone who has had first-hand experience with the caregiver, one layer of background check has already been done. Additionally, you can get some in-depth insights into how the caregiver operates to assess if they are the right fit for you.

Always opt for personal interviews.
The best way to gauge a caregiver’s personality and skills is by asking them to interview face-to-face. Always have your general questions ready, such as costs, timings, methods, experience, etc. Apart from that, also have some questions prepared that are specific to your senior’s needs. In addition, give them a thorough brief of what you expect from them or any terms and conditions that you may have. If possible, have your loved one, which the caregiver will be tending to, interview and ask questions that they may have about the process. It will help them know each other and ease the transition.

Never skip background checks
This is a step in the process of hiring a caregiver that you absolutely cannot miss. Your background check can include details on their credibility, experience, criminal records, if any, among others. There are many agencies or private investigators who can help you get this work done efficiently. You could also ask the caregiver for contact details of people they have worked with previously and call them up to have your queries answered.

Entrust the job to an agency
Instead of going through the tiring process of hiring a suitable caregiver on your own, you could also opt for an agency that does the job for you. An agency will already have pre-screened caregivers on its database. You will also have many options to choose from based on your specific need. If you have complaints or concerns, you can direct them to the agency for quick redressal. Additionally, if your caregiver cannot come to work on a given day, an agency can also help you with a backup caregiver.

Take the services of a trusted healthcare partner
Taking care of a senior can be a tedious process, especially if they need a lot of care and supervision on a one-on-one basis, or if they need looking after through the night. For families or individuals who have hectic, unpredictable workdays, this can become extremely difficult to manage. To better balance your life without compromising on the health of your loved ones, you could opt for a trusted healthcare partner with experience and skill, especially with seniors. If you can find an individual or a company with a background in health and appropriate certifications, you will be able to ensure comfort and safety for your seniors.

When it comes to our elderly, you absolutely cannot take any risks. Which is why, a Care Home with 24*7 assistance will be a great choice. There are trained caregivers to help seniors with daily activities, including walking, bathing, dressing, and more, leaving seniors to relax and enjoy their time. In terms of healthcare interventions, Care Homes are fully equipped with medical equipment that might be specific to a senior’s needs, such as walkers, grab rails, oxygen cylinders, and more. In addition, doctors are also always present to take care of any emergency that may arise. A good Care Home will also be safe and secure, thus giving your seniors and your peace of mind.

It can be difficult trusting someone to care for your loved one, but with Antara Care Homes, you can leave that worry to us. Our trained and highly experienced nursing and medical attendants, along with an in-house doctor, assure you of constant supervision and care. Our staff is fully equipped to administer medicines during emergencies, to meet a patient’s scheduled and unscheduled needs, and is able to provide 24-hour assistance, including for activities of daily living. Antara Care Homes also promise proactive health management with daily monitoring and medication administration.

To move your seniors to the comfort of an Antara Care Home, contact us at +91 9811 44 1111.