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How To Choose The Best Wheelchair To Maintain A Senior’s Independence

2023-Feb-02 MEDCARE

Over time, many older people lose their mobility and are forced to rely on mobility products in their day-to-day lives. While the category offers many options, one of the safest ones is the wheelchair. There are a wide range of wheelchairs that an elderly person can choose from with many different functions. 

Every senior has slightly different mobility needs. Some people may be using a wheelchair as a permanent, everyday mobility solution, while others might just need one for temporary use or for a little extra assistance during longer excursions outside the house.

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Choosing a wheelchair for a senior family member is always a big decision, especially when most seniors want to maintain their independence. It’s important to select the right wheelchair for the user’s wants and needs, as they will be spending a significant portion of their time sitting on the device. 

There are many different wheelchair options available in the market for seniors with limited mobility. With a little research, a new chair can greatly enhance the independence of the user and improve their quality of life. 

Wheelchairs are highly beneficial for seniors who have trouble walking and cannot participate in daily activities with ease. With the right wheelchair, seniors living independently can gain: 

Increased Mobility 

A person’s mobility decreases with each passing year. They may also experience difficulty walking due to arthritis, hip issues, injuries, Parkinson’s disease, and more. 

A wheelchair provides them with enhanced mobility and freedom to move around. Such a product is also easy to manoeuvre in tight, compact spaces, so elderly people can partake in indoor tasks without much effort. 

More Independence 

Seniors who choose independent living are often reluctant to ask for help. They also have a fear of falling or slipping when walking independently. However, a good wheelchair for seniors gives them the needed independence in outdoor and indoor environments. 

Improved Social Life 

A healthy social life is critical for mental and emotional well-being. Individuals who rely on others to walk often become isolated and avoid socialization or outdoor activities. With a properly chosen wheelchair, activities like visiting friends, going to parks, and participating in events become possible. This gives them a better outlook on life and, thus, improved quality as well. 

More Comfort & Safety 

It can be exhausting for seniors to walk without support. Furthermore, sometimes canes and walkers can pose a risk of falls if stability is an issue for the elderly. In contrast, a wheelchair for senior users provides them with a comfortable seating position that provides back support. The seniors can remain seated comfortably throughout the day with good posture. 

While there are many types of variations and products available in the market, the best wheelchair for an elderly person will depend on his/her strength and lifestyle. The most basic version of wheelchairs are the manual wheelchairs. While this variation is easy on the pocket, it mostly requires the additional support of being pushed from behind. For seniors in an independent setting, wheelchairs require extra muscle and power to steer the vehicle. If exploring this product, one can opt for lightweight manual wheelchair that can be easily self-navigated indoors. 

A suitable option for most elderly is the electric wheelchair. The same relies on motors for propelling and all an ageing senior needs to do is push a button or toggle with a joystick to move around indoors or outdoors. These powered wheelchairs come with different configurations for base, seats and power control. 

A wheelchair is a significant investment that affects a person’s lifestyle, mobility, health, and quality of life. This is why it is necessary to consider the purchase decision thoroughly to ensure the wheelchair integrates seamlessly into the senior’s life. Factors to keep in mind are wheelchair size, weight, comfort and most importantly, a senior’s strength. 

There are various other factors that are required to be kept in mind while choosing a wheelchair for a senior. Aimed at aiding not just recovery but also the wellness of a senior, Antara MedCare Products offer a range of products readily available for both rent or sale.  

Antara understands the importance of aging with grace, care and independence. A trusted partner and with a legacy of Max, Antara MedCare Products offers a wide range of medical equipment to choose from, depending upon the needs of a senior. Furthermore, Antara also offers MedCare Van wherein one can try various versions of the product delivered at home and make a conscious purchase.  

To know more about wheelchairs and senior friendly equipment, call us at +91 9811441111 and our representatives will be happy to assist you with clinically preferred equipment.