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How to make aging at home easier with the right assistance

2021-Oct-15 Antara Care at Home

As children, we always want to make sure that our parents are safe, secure and healthy, no matter where they are. As your parents age, you may fear for their health concerns, worry about emergency situations, or even about how lonely they might get when you are not around. This could make you want them to move in with you, or to a place that you feel might be better suited for them. Your parents, however, may not think the same way all the time.

For instance, according to the AARP Public Policy Institute, 87 percent of seniors want to stay in their current home and community as they age, and nearly 90 percent intend to remain in their homes permanently. What you need to understand here is that as people age, the openness to change and flexibility can go down drastically.

But that doesn’t mean your aging parents cannot be taken care of in the confines and comfort of their own homes. There are a few basic things that you need to consider, and aging at home can become much more simpler with the right assistance.

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Make the house fall-proof
Falls in old age can be dangerous and debilitating. Which is why it is important to ensure that your parents have effective measures in place to arrest any falls. Ensure that loose cords and cables are not lying around on the floor. Invest in some anti-slip mats or rugs in the entire house, including the bathroom. If need be, reassess the flooring of your house to make sure that nobody slips on it. And lastly, if your house has stairs, see to it that the railings have good grip.

Prepare your parents and yourself for emergencies
Emergencies always come unannounced, so you do not want to be caught off-guard. Sit with your parents and chart a plan for exigency. For example, if one of your parents suffers an injury or suddenly falls ill, do they have a list of emergency medical contacts? What about their supply of medications - is it enough to last them till they can procure more? Does your house have a smoke detector, proper exit routes, and a CCTV camera? Ensure all of these questions are answered so that both you and your parents can live in peace.

Plan for changes in their routine
As your parents age, their daily routines might also witness a shift. To ensure your parents’ comfort you will have to plan for changes in their daily routine and how they manage it. Right from bathing to dressing, eating and walking, it is important that you continuously evaluate whether they are able to do all of this by themselves.

Engage a certified caregiver
It is quite likely that after a certain age, your parents might need assistance round the clock. In that case, consider hiring a caregiver to help them with their daily tasks. Engage someone who can be available 24x7, and has nursing qualifications. Check with agencies who can also offer regular doctor visits at home. That way you will also have one point of contact for all coordination related to your parents wellbeing. At Antara, we know that it is not always possible to be available to tend to your parents’ needs. This is where our Care at Home services step in to take care of them exactly like you would.

With Antara’s Care at Home, you would not be simply choosing a trusted health care partner, rather, welcoming a mix of personalized care and attention by a diligent team of highly trained professionals with a keen eye for detail to see to your every medical need, all under the guidance and supervision of reputed clinicians. From critical home care, nursing care, to diagnostics, physiotherapy and providing important medical equipment, Antara Care at Home brings everything to your doorstep, so that you can entrust the care of your loved ones to us.

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