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How to select the right Care Home

2021-Sep-02 Antara Care Homes

It may be hard to accept, but old age can get demanding and arduous for many seniors. While most seniors are used to handling their work themselves, or relying on family members to help them out, changing life circumstances can make taking care of seniors more difficult.

This is where Care Homes step in to provide a comprehensive solution for seniors. Care Homes not only offer comfortable accommodation, personal caregiving, and assistance with eating, bathing, dressing, but also provide medication, and regular clinical management.

The task of hunting for the best Care Home can get overwhelming. Afterall, you want to choose someone who can offer the best care for the ones you love the most. Here, we list down some of the factors that you must look at before choosing a Care Home.

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Great location and accessibility
Choosing a Care Home that is close to your current place of residence is one of the better options for your seniors, so that you can be with them whenever they need you. But that is not the only consideration. Do research about things such as safety of the neighbourhood, distance to the nearest hospital, proximity to community services, and availability of basic amenities.

Condition of important medical facilities
Perhaps one of the most important considerations while choosing a Care Home is
their medical assistance services. Inquire about their medical supervision practices, the availability of an in-house doctor, nurses and attendants, how well equipped they are with medical equipment and diagnostic facilities, in-house physiotherapy services, etc. Understand all their medical processes and procedures, and check if they have a medication management system in place for their patients.

Other living facilities and infrastructure
Right from dining, housekeeping, to exercise and wellness offerings, and social interactions,
make sure that your chosen Care Home provides the best quality of these services. It is important that the Care Home has a senior-friendly infrastructure, replete with grab rails, anti-skid floors, and alarm buttons for emergencies.

Budget allocations
While we understand that you want the best for your loved ones, cost is a huge factor when it comes to making a long-term decision such as moving seniors to a Care Home. Care at home might seem like a better call, but with seniors who require extensive care, it might become a drain on your family. Plan your budget keeping in mind your senior’s needs, check with your insurance provider on the kind of benefits that they can provide you, and narrow down on your options.

Antara Senior Care ensures that your seniors get a space where they feel safe, happy and cared for, while living a hassle-free and independent life. At Antara Care Homes, we offer senior-friendly infrastructure such as carefully designed rooms and washrooms, and comfortable and sanitized spaces. Home-like meals at Antara Care Homes are also personalised based on the patient’s needs and doctor’s recommendations. Add to this 24*7 medical supervision, medication management, physiotherapy, pre- and-post operative care and recuperation, and engagement activities to keep seniors physically active and engaged, and Antara assures you of a holistic, home-like care.

Choose an Antara Care Home today, and let your loved ones experience a one-of-its-kind
senior care service. Enquire at +91-9811441111