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Monitor your loved one’s diet and nutrition after stroke

2021-Nov-15 Care home

Like many other ailments, stroke is one where post-operative care is as important as timely medical attention itself. A healthy diet is a key in not only helping the body recuperate, but also effectively deal with therapy that is more often a part of the recovery plan. However, patients who have suffered strokes often face challenges like remembering to eat on time, limited mobility, and difficulty chewing.

As caregivers, it is important to understand these issues and look at means to help patients overcome them. Additionally, each patient may have varied medical needs depending on the gravity of their condition. Nevertheless, there are a few nutritional tips that every care provider can keep in mind while tending to these patients.

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Nutrient-rich diet: Crafting a diet filled with protein and fibre rich foods must be an essential component of post-stroke care. However, the patient’s physical challenges while consuming food must be taken into consideration too. They can also be given supplements that have essential elements like vitamin B3, antioxidants, omega-3, and potassium. Before including these supplements in the daily diet, care providers must get a go-ahead from the consulting physician to ensure that the drugs do not interfere with any other medications that may result in mild to serious complications.

Set a rhythm: During these difficult times, your loved ones will find it exhausting to sit through a meal. It is important to train the body and mind of your loved ones, especially in the first few days after the stroke. Setting a routine in terms of the time of the meal, to have them eat in the company of others and not rush through meals, are steps that would help in their overall wellbeing and recovery.

Variety: Monotony is a palette killer. It is important to consume foods that are varied in flavour, while providing essential nutrients. Protein, dairy, fruits, and vegetables are important constituents of a post-stroke diet plan. Choosing a colorful range of foods would also encourage patients to have their meals with minimal fuss.

Trust the Palate: Serve them the food that they find the most appetizing and tasty. You can control quantities and use the right ingredients and recipe in consultation with their physician, but it is important to know that as long as it is tasty, it will encourage your loved ones to try and finish their meals.

Pay attention to other ailments: While concentrating on the right diet post-stroke care, it is extremely essential to keep their pre-existing conditions in mind too. For example, your loved ones are diabetic, you must ensure that the diet consists of lean protein and nutrient-rich foods.

Ensuring that your loved ones get the right care and nutrition after a stroke goes a long way in ensuring their physical and emotional wellbeing. While family members can provide adequate care to these patients, it is wise to opt for care homes that have 24/7 nursing care & attendants. Since strokes are fairly unpredictable, many families will not have facilities in place to provide timely care.

Antara Care Homes help families bridge this gap with their world-class recreational Care Homes. They have medical professionals, nutritionists, and attendees who are trained to respond to medical emergencies. The care homes also provide freshly-prepared nutrient-rich meals that are customized based on each patient’s dietary requirements. Physiotherapists and experienced specialists here are available to craft successful rehabilitation programs. If you are looking for a place that can help you take care of your loved ones after a stroke, our services are just a call away. We have Antara Care Homes in Gurugram and New Delhi.

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