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Nursing care at home: What to expect, the benefits, and more

2023-Apr-03 Care at Home

A specialized form of medical care, nursing care is a support service delivered by certified and specially trained caregivers under the guidance of a clinical nurse. Nursing services cater to the physical, emotional, and social needs of patients who require support and treatment due to illness, injury, or disability.

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Seniors might require nursing care for several reasons like chronic health conditions, heart diseases, mobility issues, or dementia. Home nursing services like Antara Nursing Care extend the support of clinically trained and experienced nurses to care for elders. These treatment procedures could be more complex and require experts to provide short or long-term nursing services.

Why home nursing services?

Home care nursing services cater to an array of elderly needs ranging from assistance with daily activities to medical care.

• As seniors age, they are more likely to develop chronic conditions like diabetes, arthritis, or stroke that require long-term specialized care and medical support.

• Home nursing services enable easy access to medical care by bringing it to their doorstep. This is particularly helpful for the elderly with mobility issues as it eliminates the need to travel for checkups or treatments.

• Many seniors increasingly develop the risk of falls and other injuries because they live alone or due to their limited mobility. Nursing services can help them carry out their daily activities with ease by extending support when needed and creating a safer environment, thereby reducing the risk of falls.

• Social isolation increases the risk of mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. Home care nursing extends social and emotional support as well, reducing the feeling of loneliness and isolation among seniors.

• Home nursing services also serve as a great support system for family caregivers who face various challenges when caring for their loved ones. Trained nurses provide training and respite care which can help the family manage responsibilities more effectively and help their seniors better.

Home nursing services ensure seniors receive the required attention, assistance, and support from the comfort of their homes. It helps the elderly lead an independent life by providing them with the additional support and care they need to manage their health conditions.

What do home nursing services entail?

At-home nursing services empower seniors to improve their health and well-being and boost their overall quality of life. Trained nurses provide a range of services that include:

• Patient monitoring and management of vitals, symptoms, and medical equipment

• Medication management

• Injury management, wound dressing, and sutures removal

• Post-operative care, post-stroke management, or post-chemo care

• Coordinating with doctors to create a personalized and effective treatment plan

• Assistance with daily activities like bathing, eating, and dressing

• Emotional support and counseling

Nursing services play a crucial role in ensuring seniors receive the required care and support to recover in case of injury or illness, and in maintaining their long-term health and well-being. Antara Care at Home’s Nursing Caregivers follow all clinical protocols and establish continuity of care by co-creating treatment plans with physicians. The services also include other areas of support like doctor consultations, nursing procedures, X-Ray, sample collection, ECG at home, medical equipment, and physiotherapy

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