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Shower Chair Guide: Picking The Best For Elderly People

2022-Nov-10 Medcare

As one start aging , they began experiencing balance and mobility issues.

As one start aging , they began experiencing balance and mobility issues. These issues not only affect standing and walking but also daily chores, especially, in the private space of a bathroom. As one ages, they should consider purchasing bath safety products to prevent falls and other injuries in the bathroom. Investing in the right help and product is the key to independent living and privacy.

One of the key products to be focussed upon is a Shower Chair. A shower seat, sometimes also referred as a bath seat, is a water-resistant chair or a stool that is designed to be placed in a shower or a bathtub. Shower seats offer more safety and balance than grab bars or safety rails while bathing. It offers a comfortable place to rest while bathing in case a senior cannot stand for long hours and tires easily. Shower seats are an added advantage for those who are showing signs of imbalance, feel weakness in legs, or tire easily.

There are a variety of factors to consider while purchasing the right shower seat. Below are few tips to help you assess and decide the seat which is safe and suits your needs

Overall Size

While shopping, its essential to keep the dimensions of the bathroom and shower seat’s overall dimensions in mind. Its important to measure the area wherein the seat will be placed while ensuring that the senior has enough space for mobility.

Seat Size, Shape and Height

While selecting, one also needs to be cognizant of the size of the seat as it needs to be steady and comfortable for the senior to be safe. To find the proper dimensions for the senior, measure the backside’s width when sitting on a flat surface. The seat should be wider than this measurement so that one can sit securely on the chair without risk of sliding or falling off.

Furthermore, one should also look at the shape and curve of the seat along with the support of the back. Once can also opt of shower chairs with arm handles and arm rests, as per the preference.

Lastly, its good to opt for chairs which have an option of adjusting height. Its ads convenience for the senior while not only sitting and standing but also while taking a bath.

Weight Capacity

A shower chair should be able to support the weight of the senior and should be able to maintain its steadiness. Always ensure while researching or talking to a representative and/or while taking delivery, the weight label is cross-checked.


One of the key factors while choosing a shower chair is the material. A shower chair not only needs to be stable but also durable. One should look for rust-resistant materials, wherein plastic, steel and aluminium are easily available. To ensure that the chair is study, customers mostly prefer combination-based options wherein the seat is made of plastic while the legs and feet are of aluminium or steel.

Another option to ensure durability is choosing chair with holes in the seat so that there is no water retention, mould and mildew and the product self-cleans and dries itself.

Suction vs Padded Feet

Next to materials, another key factor that ensures sturdiness is the type of feet of the chair. Shower chairs are regularly on a wet surface, most chairs feature rubber, slip-resistant feet to ensure that the seat remains stable when you sit down. If a senior has significant balance issues, one might consider suction cup feet that completely secure the chair to the floor for maximum stability.

While its completely one’s preference, suction cups are the recommended option, as they secure the bench to the tub and floor and entirely prevent it from slipping. However, if you do choose padded tips, be sure that they are considered 'non-slip' tips to ensure your safety.

There are various other factors that are required to be kept in mind while choosing a Shower Chair for a senior. Aimed at aiding not just recovery but also wellness of a senior, Antara MedCare Products offer a range of products readily available for both rent or sale. Our representatives collaborate closely with doctors and would help you with the best product needed for your loved one. Furthermore, Antara also offers MedCare Van wherein one can try various version of the product delivered at home and make a conscious purchase.

To know more about shower chairs and senior friendly equipment, call us at +91 9811441111 and our representatives will be happy to assist you with clinically preferred equipment.