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The Benefits of Reclining Wheelchair with A Commode Seat

2022-Dec-19 Med Care

Reclining Wheelchairs with commode seats are uniquely built to allow a person to recline at progressive degrees securely and pleasantly.

Reclining Wheelchairs with commode seats are uniquely built to allow a person to recline at progressive degrees securely and pleasantly. Having a commode toilet reclining wheelchair can help an individual restore his/her independence, autonomy, and confidence when using the toilet. Typically used to accommodate severe hip extension contractures, orthostatic hypotension, and pressure redistribution to prevent skin disintegration.

Showering and going to the restroom are daily self-care routines. If a senior is unable to perform these tasks without help, it can have a significant impact on their quality of life. When it comes to personal care, using equipment such as commode reclining wheelchairs might help them be more independent.

The chair slowly rises and tilts forward at the push of a button, allowing the user to step out with comfort and without unnecessary muscle strain.

Reclining Commode wheelchair is ideal for use at:

- Home

- Hospitals

- Nursing homes

- Elderly homes

There are numerous general health and therapeutic benefits for the reclining wheelchair with commode seat.

● Promote Circulation

Because of the leg elevation given by reclining chairs, these seats can assist promote circulation and get your blood flowing through your legs and body. Similarly, they can minimise swelling caused by fluid retention and lower the likelihood of varicose veins forming in your legs.

● Easy to Access

The commode toilet chair may be readily put or moved to the user's preferred location. As a result, the user can easily use the restroom whenever they need. These kinds of wheelchairs are especially designed for elders and the patients with limited mobility.

● Safe and Stable Usage

A reclining wheelchair with a commode seat can be positioned closer to the ground, providing a stable platform to sit on. This is far safer than using a standard toilet. This reduces the likelihood of falling and being injured. They may also be pleasantly positioned, making them a perfect alternative for persons who have difficulty getting up and down from the toilet.

● Personal Hygiene

Using assistance might help the individual restore confidence in taking care of his/her personal hygiene. It can contribute to the creation of a safe, supportive atmosphere for a loved one who is suffering mobility challenges.

Further characteristics of reclining wheelchair with a commode seat are:

- Fold-able

- Reclining

- Easy to carry

- Removable plastic container that can be emptied after use

- Light weight

- Durable and firm

- Easily transportable as it has wheels

There are several advantages to utilising a reclining wheelchair with a commode seat. They provide a risk-free environment for the elderly. With so many types and options available choose the finest portable toilet for your needs from Antara MedCare Products. You can book a demo with us at https://www.antaraseniorcare.com/med-care or call us at +919811441111.