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The best Post-COVID rehabilitation exercises for a swift recovery

2021-Jul-07 Antara Care at Home

Have you been feeling a constant sense of fatigue and anxiety after recovering from COVID-19? Is it still persisting? You are not alone.

The devastating second wave of Coronavirus saw many people getting infected, with recovery being much harder and longer than the first time. Even people who encountered only a mild form of the virus have reported experiencing a wide range of post-COVID complications such as body pain, headaches, lack of energy, and brain fog.

The road to recovery may be difficult, but the starting point is easy. By practising a few rehabilitation exercises daily, you can not only gradually build back your strength, but also overcome the psychological impediments associated with the onset of COVID-19.

Here are some simple and easy home exercises that you can do everyday to manage the after-effects of COVID-19, and improve your physical and mental well-being.

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Deep breathing exercises
Deep breathing exercises perhaps play the most important role in your post-COVID recovery. Given how the virus tends to leave your lungs weaker, slowly getting back to breathing exercises can help increase your lung capacity, while also relieving stress and anxiety. Spend 10-15 minutes each morning focusing just on your deep breathing techniques, and slowly increase the duration.

Shoulder circles and wall push-off
To regain strength in your arms, start by doing 20 to 30 shoulder circles every day. Once you see that you have a little more strength in your body than you did earlier, graduate to doing wall push-offs. In this, you need to stand in front of a wall, with your feet a foot away from the wall. Place your palms on the wall at shoulder level and imitate a push-up exercise. Both these exercises will help strengthen your arms, shoulders, and chest muscles.

Light walking
Light walking is an exercise that offers multiple benefits, while preventing overexertion. This cardio exercise can improve your lung capacity, and also help you regain movement of your legs. For better results, walk outdoors in a park or garden. Walking amidst nature can do wonders for your psychological health. If you feel too weak to walk on your own, consider using a walking stick in the beginning to aid you. Do not attempt to walk uphill, and choose a flat area, since your body is still in recovery mode, and you do not want to exert yourself too much.

Knee and thigh exercises
To strengthen your legs post COVID-19, try doing easy leg exercises such as knee lifts. Sit on a chair or on your bed, and gently lift your legs. Repeat these 10 to 15 more times and increase your reps once you feel your stamina returning. When you start feeling stronger, start doing 5 to 10 squats every day to strengthen your lower body.

Yoga and stretching
Since time immemorial, yoga has proved itself to be one of the better exercises to get your health back after an illness. Additionally, yoga exercises that involve deep breathing can enhance your lung capacity drastically, and help you stay calm during your recovery. Start with some gentle yoga and stretching exercises, before moving on to the harder poses, and watch your health come back to you with renewed vigour.

Before you embark on any post-COVID rehabilitation exercises, do remember to consult your doctor. And if you start to feel chills, or experience fever, shortness of breath, or chest pain, stop doing any exercise, consult your doctor, and take adequate rest. If you think you need some additional support to recover, consider consulting qualified physicians and therapists. But most importantly, do not rush anything and take things slow.

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