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The importance and benefits of geriatric care at home

2023-Jul-14 Antara

Geriatric care refers to the specialized care and treatment plans curated exclusively for the elderly, usually those aged 65 and above. It is a holistic approach that caters to the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of the elderly, and focuses on the challenges and unique needs that arise with aging.

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The main aim of geriatric care is to improve the overall health and wellness of seniors and enhance their quality of life. Geriatric care at home is a specialized line of service that extends health care and support services for senior citizens to their own homes. Care at home services is a form of geriatric care that understands the inclination and fondness of older adults to age in the comfort of a familiar environment.

The need for geriatric care and the benefits of care at home services

Geriatric care is important because it caters to integral aspects of senior-hood like management of chronic conditions, medication management, and maintaining functional independence. Care at home for senior citizens provides personalized support and assistance in-house, offering a myriad of benefits.

Senior care in home environment: The multifaceted approach to geriatric care at home ensures seniors receive necessary care and support while they remain in their familiar home environment. This improves their overall wellbeing as it helps promote a sense of belonging and independence.

Personalized care plans: Care at home services are personalized care plans that are tailored to suit the needs of individuals. The trained nurses or caregivers cater to specific requirements and assist with everyday activities like bathing, grooming, meal preparations, medication reminders, and medical appointments.

Professional medical aid at home: As seniors get older, many of them develop chronic conditions like diabetes, pulmonary disease, and heart disease. Such conditions require medication management, dietary control, and exercise routines which caregivers can assist with, along with seamless coordination with healthcare professionals.

Combats loneliness and isolation in seniors: Care at home services also extend companionship and emotional support to the elderly which plays an integral role in combating social isolation and improving their overall mental well-being. Caregivers keep seniors engaged in conversations, hobbies, and other activities that are enjoyable.

Rehabilitation support: There are many cases where seniors are recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery and require rehabilitation support. Care at home offers services like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and nursing care to provide the necessary support to help them make a speedy recovery.

Memory care: For older adults with cognitive decline or dementia, care at home services provide cognitive support. Caregivers plan strategic engagement activities to promote mental stimulation, memory retention, and emotional well-being.

Care at Home services are a great way to ensure the safety, welfare, and comfort of the elderly. It also offers respite for family caregivers to take a break and tend to other commitments, knowing their loved ones are receiving the best care from professionals. Caregivers also coordinate with healthcare professionals and other healthcare services for seamless communication in scheduling medical appointments and providing updates to the senior’s primary healthcare provider.

Comprehensive Care at Home Service offerings also include ICU setup at home for seniors in need of critical care, home sample collection and diagnostics, X-Ray, ECG, and other preventive health checkups carried out following all clinical protocols, at home.

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