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The importance of regular full body check-ups

2023-Mar-01 Antara

Often recommended by doctors, full body check-ups are a great way to identify potential health risks and monitor existing conditions. It is one of the best preventive measures to detect diseases at their early stages and begin the required treatment before things get serious.

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Doctors suggest these checkups based on an individual’s present-day health, medical history, overall well-being, and potential health risks. The frequency of these checkups and the tests it includes, varies based on certain factors like age, gender, family health history, and lifestyle.

A regular full body check-up includes a physical examination, blood, and urine tests. After a certain age or in case of abnormalities, doctors may also recommend other tests like imaging, bone density check, heart health checks, and cancer screening.

How often should you get a full body check-up?

People normally get checked only when they experience certain symptoms or have a medical emergency. However, doctors recommend that full body check-ups must be done atleast once in 6 or 12 months, to avoid medical issues.

The recommended frequency of these tests also varies with age. For healthy adults in the age group of 18 - 40 with no medical history, a full body checkup every 3 - 5 years should do. Those above the age of 40 or adults with existing conditions like diabetes or heart disease should get a check-up done every year.

For senior citizens, while annual full-body tests are a must, the recommendations vary. Doctors might require more frequent check-ups to monitor chronic medical conditions or keep a watch on seniors who have a high risk of developing certain conditions.

Importance of regular full body check-ups

With the rising risk of lifestyle diseases and possibilities of hereditary conditions, adults upwards of 30 must get full body check-ups done annually. Whether you are an individual in your 30s or a geriatric, the importance of getting these tests done cannot be overstated. How does a regular full-body check-up benefit you? Let’s take a look -

● It prevents or delays the onset of health issues

Scheduling checkups at regular intervals aids in the timely diagnosis of health issues. Detecting abnormalities and identifying risk factors early on helps doctors recommend preventive care or treatment procedures at the onset to reduce the risk of major complications. For instance, it can help doctors identify and monitor the risk of heart disease, and lower the chances of a heart attack by recommending lifestyle changes.

● Helps in the early detection and treatment of medical conditions

Conditions like cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure, are lifestyle diseases that have become very common among adults. By detecting them during their early stages, full body check-ups at regular intervals make treatment procedures for such conditions far more effective. It also reduces the complications and high risks that develop when diagnosed at later stages.

● Improves monitoring of existing conditions

Whether it is the impact of habits like smoking and drinking, or conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes, regular health checks help keep an eye on these conditions and how they are being managed. Doctors can assess the patient’s health and make necessary changes to treatment procedures, medication, and diet plans, if needed, to reduce the risk of major complications.

● Prevents the need for complicated and expensive treatment procedures

Regular monitoring of health conditions allows timely medical intervention to address changes immediately. This prevents the escalation of health issues that may result in serious illnesses or conditions that may require expensive treatments or complicated surgeries.

● Enhances the overall quality of life

Full body check-ups should be followed up with a session with the doctor to discuss an individual’s current health and lifestyle practices. Doctors can recommend suitable modifications to diet and exercise based on the individual’s reports and insights. Early diagnosis, identification of potential health risks, preventive measures, and regular health screening improves health, longevity, and quality of life.

● Easing the life of seniors with full body check-ups at home

While getting a full body check-up is a great idea, many shy away from it because of the effort involved. Senior citizens find it particularly difficult to travel and get exhausted waiting around in a hospital.

Keeping these factors in mind, Antara Care at Home services was curated to deliver personalized care in the comfort of your home. Antara’s Preventive Health Check-up on Wheels brings to your doorstep clinical competence-at par with hospital standards.

The full body check-up at home includes a blood test, treadmill test (TMT), X-ray, ECG, Bone Mineral Density (BMD) test, and doctor consultations. All tests are conducted by a diligent team of highly trained professionals, under the guidance and supervision of certified and reputed clinicians. Health check-up at home is senior-friendly and ensures you and your loved ones get a check-up done, without visiting a hospital or lab.

At-home health check-ups are quick, avoid the hassle of traveling, and prevent the risk of contracting infections from the hospital. The check-up includes a doctor consultation to review the report, a dietician consultation, blood tests to check areas like diabetes profile, thyroid, the health of vital organs like kidney, liver, and heart, and diagnostic tests.

To book a full body check-up at home or to know more, call us at +919811441111.