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Things to do before a cardiac surgery

2021-Aug-26 Antara Care Homes

The cardiac disease continues to be one of the leading causes of death among men and women. The risks are even higher among the aging population, however, thanks to the advancement of medicine, the complications arising from cardiac disease are now quickly taken care of through minimally invasive cardiac procedures and surgeries.

While it is true that the virus has wreaked havoc everywhere, the threat of serious cardiac diseases still remains, which is why overlooking signs and symptoms, staying away from doctors or hospitals, or deferring necessary treatment indefinitely can have fatal outcomes. Whether it is open-heart surgery, bypass surgery, or a simple angioplasty or angiography, cardiac doctors worldwide are now encouraging patients to deal with their heart-related issues – both elective and urgent.

Furthermore, these risks can further be reduced if pre-surgery care is monitored by a trained professional, or a better still, at a Care Homes, especially for seniors.

Before your loved ones walk in for their cardiac surgery, here are some things that you need to keep in mind.

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Visit your cardiac surgeon and clarify doubts about the procedure
Before surgery, you must talk about everything that entails the procedure. Clarify doubts about when they need to be admitted, COVID-19 guidelines that the hospital will follow, risks of the surgery, medications that one should or shouldn’t take allergic reactions, or any other concerns. The surgeon may also recommend some examinations such as comprehensive blood tests, EKG, chest x-ray, etc., depending on the kind of cardiac surgery the patient will be undergoing.

Constant monitoring under a trained professional
Especially for seniors, it becomes important that their vitals are constantly monitored, even before the surgery. With age, complications are also imperative, therefore, guidance under trained professionals is important. Care Homes with senior friendly infrastructure is one of the best option.

Keep a track of diet and activity
The body needs to be well-nourished in the days leading up to cardiac surgery to enable faster healing. If they have already been eating normally and following instructions given by the doctor, then the same should be continued. If they haven’t been eating well, it is recommended that they consume foods to get the required calories and macro-nutrients that their body needs. Also, it is crucial to monitor the blood sugar level and pursue physical activities in case the doctor has recommended them.

Quit smoking
According to one study that compared smokers with former smokers, researchers found that former smokers who had quit at least a year before surgery had no increased risk of death compared to non-smokers. Therefore, quitting smoking before cardiac surgery can help immensely with recovery. On the other hand, continued smoking can put the patient at risk for post-operative issues such as trouble with your pacemaker, cardiac arrest, blood clots, and even death.

Familiarize yourself with post-operative care practices
Before getting into the surgery, it is imperative to know everything needed for a healthy and safe recovery. Ask your cardiac doctor about the medications, precautions, pain management, post-surgery diet, and discharge planning, especially concerning COVID-19 testing.

While it is more comfortable recovering at home or a similar environment than at a hospital, one should ensure access to a pre-and post-operative care home designed to cater to all your medical requirements – from rehab, and skilled nursing, to medication and emergency assistance. This will be not only an efficient alternative but also one that is cost-effective.

At Antara Care Homes, located in GK-II Delhi and Gurugram , we offer such facilities for both long-term and short-term care. Seniors, who need constant medical and nursing supervision, especially before the surgery, are taken care of in the most efficient manner. Our team of trained caregivers, working alongside highly rated cardiac surgeons, works dedicatedly towards the patients’ complete recovery by offering a wide array of services, including supervised exercises, rehabilitation, wellness therapies, and an effective emergency response system. We provide a comfortable and sanitized environment so that the seniors are well-prepped before their treatment.

Every aspect of our service reflects the legacy of Max Group, which means everything we offer is tailored to the holistic wellness of your loved ones. Contact us at +91 9811 44 1111 to learn more about our offerings for seniors recovering from cardiac surgery.