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What are care homes?

2021-Sep-02 Antara Care Homes

The advancement of medical sciences, and a subsequent increase in longevity has meant that India’s senior population is now on a rise. In fact, according to reports, the senior population in the country is expected to grow to 300 million by 2050. However, with hectic schedules and demanding careers, taking time off to take care of seniors has become a challenge for most people.

Fortunately, the concept of care homes has taken off in a big way and has created a space where seniors can live their life without being dependent on anyone. So, if you are wondering how, you can manage the safety and comfort of your unwell parents who stay alone, are unable to coordinate all their needs, or are worried about their daily wellbeing, care homes hold the key to relieve you of all these worries.

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Care Homes are called by various names, but essentially provide a common service – care for seniors in a home-like setting. Care Homes are a great option for seniors who need assistance in their day-to-day activities, along with regular medical care. Not just that, services and amenities provided in care homes are designed to help residents stay safe, while letting them retain their cherished independence. Care homes act like community hubs for seniors where they can get care, companionship, and wellness facilities, all rolled into one.

Many care homes offer different kinds of services, but the most common ones will usually include assistance with daily activities such as bathing and dressing, home-cooked meals adjusted to dietary preferences, 24-hour emergency assistance, housekeeping services, planned activities, and regular medical check-ups.

At Antara Care Homes, we not only provide residential solutions to seniors, but also become their trusted medical partners. Right from primary healthcare and emergency response services, curated engagement calendars, active aging programs, to rehabilitation, palliative care, comfortable and luxury rooms, senior-friendly infrastructure, and nutritionally assisted meals in a homely environment, our care homes promote holistic wellness and healing.

Antara Care Homes also assure you of the constant availability of a certified, trained and highly experienced staff. Our staff is fully equipped to administer medicines during emergencies, to meet a patient’s scheduled and unscheduled needs, and is able to provide 24-hour assistance, including for activities of daily living such as dressing, eating, bathing, laundry, walking, and more. Antara Care Homes also promise proactive health management, with daily monitoring and medication administration. The locations of our assisted care homes are also appropriate for any medical emergencies.

Move your seniors to the comfort, safety and security of Antara Care Homes today, and let your loved ones enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle, with guaranteed safety and care.

Our care homes are inGurgaon, Haryana and Greater Kailash II, Delhi. For more information, please contact +91-9811441111.