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What are the benefits of an annual full body check-up?

2023-Feb-23 Care at Home

Health is an asset that most of us take for granted until a doctor’s visit or illness gives us a not-so-gentle reminder. Keeping a check on one’s body by scheduling a yearly full-body check-up is one of the most underrated practices. While these annual check-ups are a good-to-have routine across all age groups, they are an absolute must-have for senior citizens. From preventing critical illnesses to controlling existing health conditions, these check-ups offer numerous benefits.

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As seniors age, they are more prone to health conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, and cancer. Many a time, these health problems are silent but progressive, having a lasting impact on the body. As the years pass, closely monitoring seniors’ health is imperative to aid early detection and of effective treatment plans. A health check-up at home makes the entire process easier for the elderly by getting it done from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need to travel.

What does a full body check-up entail?

A full body check-up is a comprehensive examination of the body that monitors the functioning of all vital organs. These tests commonly cover the following -

• Blood test - Checks haemoglobin levels, platelet count, blood sugar, and cholesterol

• Urine test - Checks for UTIs, diabetes, liver functioning, and kidney functioning

• ECG - Checks heart rate and any abnormalities that could trigger heart diseases

• Ear examination

• Eye examination

• Full body physical evaluation

• Additional X-rays and CT scans, if recommended by the physician

These tests help monitor the functioning of the entire body, detect any abnormalities, and monitor pre-existing conditions. Based on these test results, physicians can recommend lifestyle and dietary changes, or medication if needed.

What are the benefits of a full body check-up?

Early detection and prevention

Regular full-body check-ups help discover illnesses at the onset, sometimes even before the first symptoms arise. These tests detect even the slightest variations in parameters from the normal or expected range, helping in early diagnosis and interventions that in-turn reduce risks and complications.

Tracking the risk, onset, and management of genetic diseases

Genetic predispositions are beyond human control, and the onset of genetically inherited conditions are unavoidable. However, annual full-body check-ups help doctors track these conditions and can help in delaying their onset. It aids the treatment process by providing the necessary information required to prescribe medications and therapies to course correct, manage, and counter possible effects.

Keeping lifestyle diseases and chronic conditions in check

Lifestyle choices and heredity result in conditions like diabetes, hypertension and other heart diseases, arthritis, asthma, and obesity. These require daily monitoring and control to prevent severe impact on the body.

Go for Full-body tests at home and keep in check the key parameters like sugar levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol, enabling early detection and intervention. Doctors can recommend lifestyle changes early on to prevent medication or prescribe if needed, and make sure these conditions remain under control.

Control over preventable diseases

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the body can cause conditions like anaemia, excessive bleeding, brittle bones, night blindness, and Goitre. With a full-body check-up, such diseases can be prevented as the reports reveal any deficiencies which can then be corrected with the right supplements and lifestyle changes.

Better overall health and functioning

Early detection ensures a better and faster recovery, reducing any long-term impact created by symptoms over a period. Monitoring the health and functioning of the body every year improves the safety and wellbeing of the elderly who are more prone to age-related ailments. Regular check-ups increase life expectancy, boost long-term health, and improve the overall quality of life.

Minimises medical costs

Critical and lifelong conditions don’t just take a toll on the body but drill a deep hole in pockets too. Long term medical care, hospitalisation, treatment procedures, and medication are expensive, increasing the financial load on patients and their families. The financial pressure also impacts physical and mental health, adding to patient woes. Regular health checks and early diagnosis reduce the burden of costly medical treatments, making life easier and stress-free.

At Antara Care At Homes, we offer a range of short and long-term medical care and assistance services exclusively for senior citizens. Our specialised residential facilities include assisted living, pre- and post-hospitalisation care, rehabilitation, and memory care to cater to seniors in need of daily assistance.

Our comprehensive services also provide comfortable and hassle-free health check-up at home for seniors. This includes in-house diagnostic services and access to medical equipment, 24/7 medical assistance and emergency support, clinical assessments, and specialised therapies to assist seniors better and help them lead a tension-free life.

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