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What are the common causes behind hospital readmissions?

2021-Nov-15 Antara Care Homes

Infections, fractures, chronic conditions, emergencies, surgeries, and more; people can get admitted in the hospital for various reasons. While some factors may be beyond our control, seniors are at a higher risk of requiring hospitalization. A recent study was conducted on the elderly health in India by evaluating 555,115 individuals, of which 42,762 were seniors. The study revealed that:

● 7.7% reported suffering from an ailment in the last 15 days
● 8.5% had been hospitalized during the last 365 days
● The hospitalization rate was higher in the urban areas
● At 18.1%, cardiovascular ailments were the major cause for hospitalization

Under the flagship scheme of Government of India, PM-JAY alone, approximately 1 in 20 patients get readmitted to a hospital within 30 days of discharge, and 1 in 50 readmitted within 7 days. While hospitalization might be unavoidable, more often than not, readmissions are preventable. They could be triggered by factors ranging from quality of healthcare and treatment of underlying problems, to poor therapy and post discharge care. A huge percentage of readmissions can be avoided with better assessment, patient education, and aftercare.

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What are the common reasons for hospital readmissions?

● Non-compliance with treatment and medications

Some patients refuse to follow treatments and medicines prescribed post-discharge due to various reasons ranging from unwillingness and ignorance to not understanding the importance of these plans. Many patients also miss out on their follow-up appointments. Failure to follow doctor’s orders, results in health complications and increased chances of hospital readmissions.

● Reinfections and complications

Patients, especially seniors are under increased risk of contracting an infection from the hospital during their stay or have a recurrence of the infection they were initially admitted for. Seniors with conditions like heart failure, pulmonary disease, chronic kidney disease, UTIs, etc. have higher risk factors and possibilities of more severe complications, increasing the need for readmissions.

● Falls and related injuries

Post-discharge, patients are not at their best physically, and the body needs time to recuperate. More often than not, patients are weak, unstable, and might even experience cognitive impairments. This makes them vulnerable to falls that could cause serious injuries which could land them back in the hospital.

● Nutritional deficiencies

A highly nutritious diet that follows all the dos and don’ts suggested by the physician plays an active role in ensuring full patient recovery. Along with the prescribed medication, timely meals that are made in accordance with a diet plan given by a nutritionist aids faster recovery and helps avoid malnutrition or weakness that could result in readmissions.

Why opt for a care home

While post-discharge care is important for patients of all age groups, seniors are more prone to infections, falls, complications, and may be non-compliant to medications or treatment plans prescribed by the doctor. The transition from the hospital to the patient’s home or care facility and adhering to the detailed post-discharge orders are integral to a patient’s recovery. In cases like heart attacks, strokes, and other major surgeries or chronic illnesses, special care must be given to the patient.

Antara Care Homes are specialised to cater to the post-operative care needs of seniors, fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and certified caregivers specialized in senior care, to ensure they make a safe and speedy recovery.

Safe, sanitized, senior-friendly residences
Customized care plans co created with consulting doctors that cater to individual needs
Dietitians to check on nutritional requirements
24/7 attendants, in-house doctors and diagnostic facilities

With a team of experts providing specialised care 24/7, Antara’s Recuperative care services provide unmatched post hospitalization recovery care of seniors. To know more about Antara Care Home facilities for seniors, call us at +91 9811 44 1111 or drop us a line at carehomes@antaraseniorcare.com.