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What do team members do in Assisted Care Communities?


Assisted care is essentially long-term care services aimed at the elderly, to provide them an array of facilities vis-à-vis housing, personal care, and most importantly, healthcare. The best-assisted living facilities are designed in a way that immediately responds to people who need assistance with their daily activities, while also promoting maximum independence for them.

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While most understand how assisted care facilities operate, have you ever wondered what the team members and other staff at these communities do all day? Who are the people who take care of your loved ones’ daily needs?

In order to understand the primary role of team members in such facilities, we first need to understand who exactly needs an assisted care service. Most people living in an assisted care home need help with basic living skills and daily health monitoring but do not necessarily require medical oversight for major illnesses. Which is why most assisted living facilities have certified nursing assistants and attendants to monitor a senior’s daily health conditions, and are responsible for their safety and welfare. And even though serious illnesses are taken care of in hospitals, almost all assisted care communities will have a doctor on call to respond to any emergency.

Assisted care communities also consist of personal attendants to help seniors with daily activities of walking, bathing, dressing, etc., and orderlies who are responsible for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in the entire facility. There is also the maintenance team that ensures that the facilities in an assisted care home are always top-notch, and don’t cause any injuries to senior residents. The care provided by these team members is crucial for the welfare of residents in an assisted care community and goes a long way in aiding active aging for seniors.

In addition, assisted care communities also have team members to look after the nutritional requirements of its residents, and ensure that the food provided is as homely as possible. There are also other team members to plan, execute and oversee all activities for senior residents such as guided exercises, meditation, excursions to sightseeing destinations, and other social events such as movie nights, all of which ensure that residents always have plenty to do.

As you start your search for the best-assisted care community for your aging loved ones, make sure that you choose a place where team members build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with the residents that makes them feel safe, happy and cared for. Antara Senior Care ensures that all these are taken care of, and your loved ones live a hassle-free life under the expert care of our team.

Right from medical assessments, personalised plans, to regular doctor visits, emergency coordination, and community activities, Antara ensures that the elderly can continue to live a life of independence and dignity. We create an environment that helps people relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with themselves, so that they live an active and engaging life in the company of like-minded people. To choose the Antara Way of Life, contact us on +91 98114 41111