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Why are homes not ideal places for post-surgery recovery?

2021-Aug-24 Antara Care Homes

Surgical procedures can be tough on anyone, regardless of age. To speed up the healing process, post-op patients require conscientious care for an extended period of time. This is especially true for geriatric patients since they run a high risk of post-surgery complications and infections. While most patients are eager to get to the comfort of their homes after spending days in the hospital, that may not always be the wisest course of action. Additionally, it can be overwhelming for caregivers to attend to the many aspects of post-op care, alongside their daily work.

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Reducing risk of complications:
The post-surgery phase can be riddled with complications, particularly in geriatric patients. They may suffer from post-operative bleeding, clots, and infections at the site of the surgery. In more critical cases, monitoring the patients round-the-clock is mandatory to alleviate the risk of post-op complications. Without the assistance of trained medical practitioners, navigating these hurdles at home is a daunting task for many caregivers and family members.

Physical Therapy:
A lot of pain and discomfort generally accompanies the post-surgery healing process. When the patient is at home, they might miss out on professional therapy that can help them regain their strength, increase their range of motion, and reduce any inflammation and swelling. This can derail the holistic healing process of the patient.

Patient-friendly rooms:
Post-op patients may find it difficult to perform a host of tasks that were natural to them before. Simple activities like dressing themselves or using the restroom can take a lot of effort. Most homes are not equipped with the the right infrastructure, foundation with anti-skid floors, wider doors, and safety handrails to help patients overcome the hurdles of post-op care, which can be frustrating for the patient and the caregiver.

Right nutrition
After a surgical procedure, doctors often recommend a host of dietary restrictions that need to be followed to the tee. The diet can be dependent on the patient’s medical history and the type of surgery. A nutritious diet can go a long way in aiding the healing process. Despite having adequate help at home, adhering to a diet and meal timings can be challenging, both for the patient and the caregiver.

24×7 Care
For most seniors, recuperating from a surgical procedure is a slow and tedious process. During the early days after surgery, geriatric patients would require assistance and 24×7 monitoring to keep a check on any additional health complications that may arise. Home caregivers may not be able to provide patients with the consistent care and support that they require.

Rehabilitation after surgery must strike the right balance between wellness, rest, and exercise. Lack of adequate care after surgery often leads to hospital readmissions within a month of the surgery. However, experts claim that more than 17% of readmissions post-surgery can be avoided if the convalescent care is spearheaded by trained professionals that can create the right rehabilitation plan for the patient’s unique medical needs.

Antara’s Care Homes have state-of-the-art facilities to care for your loved ones after surgery. Our wellness programs are crafted for the needs of each patient, taking into account their medical conditions, both past and present. The duration of our post-surgery programs can be customized based on the severity of each surgical procedure.

Antara Care Homes are synonymous with providing a safe, homely environment to patients where they can recover and rejuvenate under the care of the certified and dedicated medical professionals. Antara operates Care Homes in Gurugram, GK-II and New Delhi. Give us a call at +91 98114 41111 or +91 13566 14100 to know more.