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Why senior living residences gained popularity in the post-COVID world ?

2023-May-05 Residences

Why senior living residences gained popularity in the post-COVID world  

The pandemic brought with it endless lockdowns, social distancing, health scares, and isolation. It was an overnight change that impacted every human being around the globe, a change that nobody was prepared for or probably even knew was possible. The entire world just came to a stand still.  

It was an uncertain and scary time where a lot of factors began to affect people. The virus was one part of it, but there was also boredom, loneliness, and anxiety kicking in. Seniors were hugely impacted as they were more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus, creating panic and fear among the elderly and their families.

There were multiple factors that increased vulnerability and risk among senior citizens-

• Comorbidities increasing risk of complications

• Lack of help or health care facilities for seniors living alone

• Increased exposure if they visited hospitals or other healthcare facilities

• Lower immunity levels making them more susceptible

• Contact with help or other members increasing the risk of contracting the virus

Social distancing took a toll on everybody's mental health, especially seniors, because the lack of contact made many feel helpless and lonely.

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Opening doors to ‘new normals’

The pandemic made people realize the importance of family and loved ones, and emphasized on the need for a safe and secure environment for seniors. Many families struggled with caregiving and were impacted by the inability to access healthcare facilities when needed. The pandemic was a particularly challenging time for senior citizens as it increased risk of illnesses and the social isolation induced stress.

This opened doors to a ‘new normal’ in geriatric care as both seniors and their families became more receptive to the idea of senior living facilities. Contrary to the dreary pictures painted of old age homes, luxury senior living residences have gained significant prominence in recent years.

Senior care in the post-COVID world

The coronavirus raised a lot of concerns among the elderly and their families, and people began to question the safety, health, and wellbeing of seniors, especially the ones living alone. There were various areas of concern like safety and security, access to health care, amenities, and luxury senior living residences addressed all areas.

• With 24x7 surveillance and security personnel onsite, senior living residences offer a safe and secure environment of residents.

• Senior living communities are great for the mental health of seniors as it gives them the opportunity to socialize with people of the same age group. This reduces the feeling of loneliness and isolation.

• These residences offer a range of amenities that include gyms, swimming pools, restaurants, libraries, and sports like badminton and tennis, which help keep seniors physically and mentally active.

• Bringing down dependencies for cleaning and maintenance, senior living communities offer fully-managed services that ensure all the needs of seniors are taken care of.

• Round-the-clock access to healthcare and medical facilities on-site provides peace of mind.

These are some of the key reasons why seniors and their families have become more accepting of the idea of senior living communities. Today, a large population understands that these residences are significantly different from the old age homes that have ingrained a gloomy picture over the years.

Luxurious senior living communities

A house for seniors amidst the mountains of Dehradun, away from the crowds, or a home in Noida’s city landscape, you can take your pick. Clearly, there’s no old age home doom and gloom at Antara Senior Living Residences.

Designed to align itself with the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of its residents, Antara’s integrated and holistic approach to senior care leaves no stone unturned in offering an ideal environment for senior-hood.

Preventive health check-up programs, 24/7 medical services, well-equipped emergency response systems, and access to therapies like physic, yoga, and Ayurveda, senior living residences like Antara provide everything that seniors need under one roof. These homes are also designed keeping senior-specific needs and interests in mind, with interventions like panic alarms, grab bars, anti-skid flooring, two-way switches, and more.

With dedicated instructors, nutritionists, and trained medical response teams stationed on-site, senior living residences relieve the elderly and their families of all their concerns. These luxury homes offer a truly hassle-free experience by providing end-to-end maintenance and housekeeping services, giving seniors a space to lead an independent life, with like-minded people, and on their own terms.

Whether its physical health, mental wellness, or the safety of elderly, luxury senior living communities have got it all covered down to the T, making them a popular choice among senior citizens today. Explore Antara Senior Living residences here or you can reach out to us at +91 96430 00014.