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Why should one have a senior living plan irrespective of age?

2021-Nov-15 Antara Senior Care

Physiological and mental changes associated with aging are inevitable. With the advancements in medicine, seniors can live comfortably for longer periods when compared to how it was just a couple of decades ago. In fact, a study by Longitudinal Ageing Study of India (LASI) predicts that there will be over 319 million seniors in India by the year 2050. While the increase in life expectancy is certainly great news, it is critical that individuals plan for their later years, so that they can live a stress free, and happy life.

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But why does one need a plan to live out their senior years?

Blurry Vision: Vision-related ailments like cataract and glaucoma are common amongst seniors. They may be unable to see objects that are further away or see clearly in low light conditions. While these can be treated to some extent, they would still need constant care and monitoring throughout the day. Antara Senior Living facilities are equipped with features that are customized for the elderly. Wide lobbies and hallways to give ample space, well-lit rooms and common areas, and wooden railings in the corridors are just a few ways in which Antara provides the highest degree of care for seniors.

Cardiovascular Health: As people age, the heart muscles and blood vessels tend to become weaker. If ignored, it can lead to a wide range of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). A recent study by Global Burden of Disease found that almost 25% of deaths in India were caused by CVDs. Though heart health tends to deteriorate with age, the right diet, exercises, and following a plan put together by trained experts can go a long way in alleviating life-threatening heart conditions. Senior living residences by Antara provides customized wellness plans for each resident, depending on their ailment. An on-site nutritionist helps in creating personalized meal plans prepared from locally sourced fresh produce. The Wellness Centre provides unlimited nursing consultations and 24×7 response teams for emergencies.

Muscular Decline: The density and strength of bones reduces as we age, since old bone tissue is absorbed at a faster rate than the creation of new bone tissue. Hence, many elderly patients use wheelchairs and walking sticks for support as they grow older. However, homes are not often designed to accommodate these lifestyle changes. Antara Senior Living is built to provide a wide spectrum of care to different kinds of patients. Features like support railings, level free, continuous floors with a high static coefficient to prevent slips, doors and windows that accommodate the turning radius of wheelchairs and electrical controls at accessible heights are some of the features that set Antara apart.

Though ageing is unpreventable, we can be well prepared to tackle it by crafting a plan to make the process a little smoother. Seniors, especially those living by themselves or with their aging partners find it challenging to navigate daily chores and responsibilities. Even with family and loved ones by their side, some seniors might need more critical care if they are suffering from illnesses. One way to ensure that seniors are well cared for is to book a residence in senior living homes that have an elder-friendly ecosystem.

Antara Senior Living facility is designed with an abundance of amenities and fully-trained care professionals who will make you feel right at home. The recreational and wellness activities are planned to ensure that the residents interact with each other and stay socially active. From personalized diet charts to daily exercise plans, the staff here go above and beyond to ensure that all residents have an active and carefree lifestyle. To know more about Antara Residences and their offerings, take a look at our brochure or get in touch at+91 96430 00014 .