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Your Next Steps After Dementia Diagnosis

2022-Nov-11 Memory Care

A collection of symptoms induced by brain abnormalities, Dementia disrupts cognitive performance, making it difficult for individuals to do daily chores on their own.

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A collection of symptoms induced by brain abnormalities, Dementia disrupts cognitive performance, making it difficult for individuals to do daily chores on their own. Being diagnosed with dementia makes one fearful of what the future holds for them. It is also a difficult moment for the patient's family as they struggle to come to terms with the diagnosis.

Dementia has diverse types, and it uniquely affects each person. The symptoms cannot be generalized, which means treatment processes vary, and the same treatment plan cannot be applied to every patient. It starts with difficulty in remembering names and forgetting recent events. As the disease progresses, it begins to significantly affect the patient’s memory, and ability to make decisions, causing confusion, mood swings, and personality changes. Patients require regular medical check-ups, need constant monitoring, and help with tasks too. 

This is where a memory care home plays an all-encompassing role. These are long-term residential care facilities that cater to the specific needs of patients with neurodegenerative disorders. From medical check-ups to activities that promote memory health by stimulating the brain and 24/7 monitoring, memory care homes are an ideal care option for patients with Dementia. 

Antara Memory Care Home

A first-of-its-kind facility focused on holistic care of Dementia patients, Antara Memory Care Home in Gurugram offers a range of wellness solutions that ensure patients lead an independent and improved quality of life. Antara’s offerings span four key elements - clinical expertise, specialized therapies, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and mental and emotional well-being.

Antara’s multidisciplinary care team ensures patients are in the best hands. They perform in-depth patient profiling to understand symptoms and then develop a personalized behavioural care plan. With regular counselling intervention and 24x7 medical cover, the team’s clinical expertise helps Dementia patients conduct their daily tasks and keeps their minds active. The care team also provides specialized therapies like occupational therapy, balancing therapy for fall risk, cognitive stimulation therapy, and speech and swallow therapy that keeps the brain stimulated and slows down cognitive decline. 

24x7 security and surveillance and senior-friendly independent rooms ensure patients live a safe and hassle-free life in a multi-sensory environment. This environment is created within the facility to help soothe and stimulate minds, reduce stress and anxiety levels, and improve the patient’s ability to focus and communicate. Dementia-trained caregivers cater to all patient needs, help conduct mental stimulation activities, and provide support when needed to conduct daily tasks. 

At Antara, every member gets specialized care that is given based on the individual’s need and diagnosis by certified professionals. Every individual is given their space to lead an independent life and can seek help whenever needed. A diagnosis of Dementia can be difficult but getting accurate information and support can help understand what to expect and what to do next. To know more about Antara Memory Care Home, call us at +91 98114 41111 or visit us at https://www.antaraseniorcare.com/memory-care-homes.