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The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us one important thing – health should be our top priority. No matter how healthy a lifestyle is, one can never be completely immune to diseases and ailments. With a preventive health check-up, such risks can be mitigated.

Now, with India’s first preventive health check-up on wheels for seniors, home delivered by Antara, you have all the convenience to know your health status on a regular basis.

Antara knows how difficult it is at times for seniors to go to the hospital. The hassles of long waiting hours to get the tests done, dependency on others for pick-up and drop. But, not anymore. With expert doctors and tests available at your doorstep, it is truly designed to keep the convenience of seniors in mind.

Get yourself and your loved ones a health check-up, without going to a hospital or lab.


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No Hassle of Travelling

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Good Food, Polite members of the team. Would like to recommend to our friends to stay here. Taking a copy of your booklet ‘Antara care homes’ to recommend to my friends. May good continue good progress to your whole team.

Aditya Sharma

Hi, Antara team Thank you for attending to my wife Sangeeta Garg, aged 47 years yesterday at my residence. Great to see such a professionally managed home care system; the technician Sanjay Dixit turned out to be well trained, compassionate, and very professional. I liked his demeanor and fearless attitude towards serving his patients/customers. Look forward to more services if required, in the future. Kudos Team Antara!​ Best Wishes​

Mannish Garg




A Preventive Health Checkup aims to identify and minimize risk factors in addition to detecting illnesses at an early stage. Early detection helps immensely with preventing and treating various diseases that can otherwise take a fatal turn. But with early detection, those diseases can be prevented, or cured with minimal medication, along with certain changes in one’s lifestyle. This will, in turn, enable people to enjoy a much better quality of life, free of health hazards.
Some of the benefits of preventive health check up -

  • Detect health problems before they become threats
  • Avoid risks due to hereditary health issues
  • Prevent old health problems from returning
  • Keep track of chronic conditions
  • Be aware and prepared for age-related health issues

Preventive care is given to you when you're symptom free and have no reason to believe you might be unhealthy. Preventive care is often given as part of a routine physical or checkup. Diagnostic care is what you receive when you have symptoms or risk factors and your doctor wants to diagnose them.

It is recommended by international consensus and understanding that men, above 35 years of age, and women, above 40 years of the age, should undergo annual preventive health checkup. Even if you feel well, you should always be examined regularly. These visits can help you to avoid future problems.

Preventive health check-ups include the assessment of cardiac structures, diabetes, functional liver, detailed blood profile, lipid profile and thorough specialty examinations -

  • Blood test as per package*
  • TMT**
  • Xray
  • ECG
  • BMD
  • BMI
  • Doctor Consult
  • Dietician Tele consult
  • Reports review by doctor – Tele consult

  • No hassle of traveling
  • Zero risk of hospital acquired infection
  • 1st time in India
  • Clinical competence at par with hospital standards
  • Quick process
  • Senior friendly

  • Call 9811441111 to book the package - Prior appointment is mandatory

  • Pls refer to Letter & instruction check list

The Preventive Health Check-up Bus will visit the residence of the patient. The patient is requested to inform the RWA/Society in advance about the arrival of the Bus to avoid any hassle.