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Tackling Memory Loss in Baby Boomers

2022-Apr-07 Care Home

Memory loss is an inevitable part of growing older. Watching a loved one lose precious memories can be heartbreaking for partners, friends, and family. It also becomes mandatory to monitor them closely, ensure they are safe, and maintain optimal health. However, there are a few researched, tried, and tested methods to make sure that you can slow down the rate of memory loss or even avoid it completely.

Staying Physically Active: Due to the constant aches and joint pain that comes with growing older, the amount of physical activity reduces with time. Going for walks daily or taking up small fitness activities like yoga or badminton can go a long way in getting the heart rate up and improving the amount of oxygen content in the bloodstream. This can then help keep the brain active and improve the memory of seniors.

Balanced Diet: Our body’s capacity to digest processed foods, saturated and trans fats decreases as we age. In addition to the heart, these unhealthy food choices can affect the brain as well. Monitoring your loved one’s diet and ensuring that their meals are balanced with a good mix of fruits, vegetables, nuts, millets, and protein-rich foods is necessary. This would help keep their sugar and cholesterol levels balanced and reduce the chance of memory-related ailments.

Increasing Mental Activity: While most people give importance to staying physically active, mental fitness often takes a back seat. Learning a new language, picking up a new hobby, or even playing board games over a period of time has proved to be an important factor in retaining memory. Word games, Sudoku, and other mentally challenging games that would require seniors to concentrate and are really good for the brain.

Sleeping Well: As seniors age, their sleep patterns tend to get disrupted. We can often find older people in our households waking up many times during the night. While this can be due to a variety of reasons like anxiety, chronic illnesses, or uncomfortable sleeping conditions, over time, this can lead to memory loss, dementia, and confusing behavioral patterns. Seniors must keep a check on their sleep routine and ensure that they get at least seven to nine hours of sleep daily. For most seniors, sleeping and waking up at consistent times can help set the body’s natural circadian rhythm.

With the onset of memory-related ailments, it is essential for seniors to have good, trusted caregivers around them. The assisted living facilities at Antara Care Homes are designed to guarantee that your loved ones receive the best possible care. From providing highly nutritious food to offering a plethora of activities and workshops, Antara Care Homes are equipped to give the best care to your loved ones. Once they arrive at our Care Homes, you can rest assured that our trained and certified staff members leave no stones unturned to provide supervised care round the clock. Our Care Home branches are located in Gurugram & Delhi. To learn more about our Care Homes, you can take a look here or reach us at +91 98114 41111.