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Uncomplicate healthcare at home with Antara MedCare Van

2021-Jun-30 Antara MedCare

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created a miscellany of unprecedented situations in our daily lives. In addition to the series of lockdowns that have halted life as we know it, it has also raised the problem of getting quick and timely access to healthcare facilities in the form of medicine and equipment. The entire process of first determining the service you need, identifying a vendor, and finally purchasing new medical equipment, can be overwhelming.

Thus, when someone in your family needs an oximeter, an urgent blood test, or a senior member needs a new wheelchair to go about their life, and the only option to avail these services is on the other side of town, who is going to risk visiting them? And if you end up getting your hands on faulty medical equipment, who is going to ensure that you get immediate access to a new one?

Now, imagine a one-stop service that eliminates the stress and frustration of finding the right equipment – no long queues of potentially infected patients, no jostling for getting your hands on equipment before stocks run out, and all necessary medical paraphernalia present within the confines of your home with the option to try it before you buy it!

This is exactly what our brand-new Antara MedCare Van service promises to offer. By opening up the world of healthcare at home, we at Antara not only want to make you feel more comfortable, but also keep you safe.

Expert Senior Care, Apno Jaisi

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What does the MedCare Van promise?
When you are taking care of an ailing loved one, getting your hands on necessary healthcare equipment should be the least of your concerns. With that in mind, Antara MedCare Van ensures that you are able to save precious time by promising you round-the clock-services.

With Antara MedCare Van, we offer everyone the option to buy or rent necessary medical equipment, depending on your needs, with an option to ‘try it, before you buy it’. You can choose to get a demo of the equipment at your home, and take a final call only after you are assured of the effectiveness of the equipment. Right from prescription orthotics such as wheelchairs, walkers, and walking sticks, rehabilitation aids such as backrest and neckrest, to bathroom accessories, including commode chairs and shower chairs, and urgent respiratory devices such as BiPAP, CPAP, oxygen concentrator, and oximeter, Antara’s MedCare Van promises a seamless delivery of essential medical equipment.

We also offer same-day delivery on anything that you order from us, along with superior after-sales services to help you manage any issues with your newly purchased equipment. Our service also includes a five-day return policy. All of these come with the trust and lineage of the Max Group, which has catered to dynamic and ever-evolving needs of the healthcare ecosystem in our country and fostered a healthy way of living.

This new offering is currently available only in Gurgaon, and allows anyone to order necessary healthcare equipment to be delivered at their doorstep. The MedCare van will deliver a wide range of products with just one call.

These long periods of lockdown due to COVID-19 have put significant curbs on timely delivery of essential healthcare services. But with Antara MedCare Van, we hope to continue providing uninterrupted, essential healthcare during these taxing times, and stay true to our commitment of nurturing every life.

To learn more about our MedCare Van, visit or call us on +91-9811441111.