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What is a Memory Care Home?

2022-Sep-01 Memory Care

Progressive neurodegenerative disorders like Dementia and its other forms have a significant impact on a patient’s memory. As the condition progresses, patients require intensive and specialized care to ensure they are safe and healthy. Memory care is long-term residential care that is dedicated to support patients with memory issues.

Patients with cognitive decline require personalized care and structured routines that slow down the progression of memory loss. Memory care homes provides facilities like safe, secure, and structured environment with accessibility to all the support patients need to conduct their everyday activities with ease.

Memory care is a subset of assisted living, offering more in-depth services and care that guarantee a host of benefits. Dementia is often correlated with age and assumed as normal memory lapses that come with old age. However, it is far from mere forgetfulness and isn’t directly associated with age either. Dementia is a result of various risk factors like lifestyle, genetics, and other health risks which causes memory loss, disorientation, confusion, and interferes with the individual’s ability to perform daily activities.

It is imperative to give personalized Dementia care to your patient as soon as it is diagnosed, to manage the symptoms and help patients lead a normal life. This is where Memory care homes play an integral role

● They perform in-depth patient profiling to create specialized and tailored care plans designed specifically for Dementia patients and cater to their individual needs.

● Multi-specialty care team and certified caregivers who provide physical and emotional support that enable patients to lead an independent life.

● A secure environment with 24/7 surveillance that guarantees patient safety and peace of mind to families.

● With a host of activities and hobbies planned every day, patients are always kept engaged, ensuring their life is fun filled and enriching.

● Additionally, each of the activities planned also help in improving their overall quality of life by promoting memory health.

● A team of experts available at all times to support patients with activities like dressing up or preparing meals, reminding them to take their medication, and ensuring their physical safety.

● Specialized therapies like occupational therapy, balancing therapy for fall risk, and cognitive stimulation therapy help reduce confusion among patients, prevent them from wandering or falling, and slow down cognitive decline through activities that stimulate the brain.

From much needed individualized care to personalized meal plans, activities, and more, the benefits of shifting Dementia patients to a memory care home are plenty. Antara recognized the need for dedicated homes and thus conceptualized Antara Memory Care Home keeping the specific needs of Dementia patients in mind.

Antara’s trained and certified experts plan and deliver neuro-cognitive health assistance and specialized therapies. These helps promote mental and emotional wellbeing within a safe and secure residential facility. Antara’s Memory Care Home offers clinical wellness solutions, mental stimulation activities, and emergency support for patients. Our caregivers are dedicated to providing unparalleled service to residents.

Our homes enable residents to lead their lives with dignity and independence while providing their families peace of mind. The multidisciplinary care team at Antara Memory Care Home in Gurugram offers holistic services, 24/7 surveillance, and specialized therapies like speech and swallow therapy, to help improve the overall health and wellbeing of patients.

To know more about the first-of-its-kind holistic care facility for Dementia patients in Gurugram, click here or call us on 98114 41111.