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How to care for seniors with mobility problems

2021-Sep-30 Antara MedCare

As your parents or other senior family members age, you will begin to notice gradual, but major changes in the way they move around. This is completely natural of course, because for most people, mobility tends to get weaker as they get older. However, when your senior’s mobility gets extremely limited, that is when it begins to affect their day-to-day life. Because of mobility issues, your seniors may not be able to enjoy their regular activities anymore.

For most seniors, feeling independent, and being able to participate in their hobbies is paramount to having a good quality of life. When their mobility problems start to prevent them from being physically out there, it can lead to social isolation, thus impacting their mental health as well.

Here are some tips that will be handy for them to be able to enjoy their life as they age:

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Engage your seniors in physical activities
The best way to keep an older adult’s mobility from getting worse is to ensure they remain active. Regular exercising, even if it means light stretching and slow walking, can keep their bones and muscles strong. Accompany your seniors for physical activities to ensure they don’t suffer from any injuries. Before you get them to start a physical activity, do remember to consult their doctor and take any precautions that might be necessary.

Keep the house well-lit and organised
Existing mobility issues in seniors can get worse if they suffer a fall in the house. Ensure that all pathways in your house are free of clutter, and rooms are well lit so that your seniors can move around without worry. Get rid of any loose wires, remove children’s toys from the floor, and ensure that you have only anti-slip mats or rugs. Keep their medications or food supplies within their reach so that they don’t have to rely on you all the time to get access to what they need.

Encourage mentally stimulating activities and hobbies
If your senior has severe mobility issues that prevent them from doing much physical activity, make sure that they are creatively engaged so that their emotional health stays in check. Make sure that they have enough social interactions with like-minded people so that they have some emotional outlet. You could also help them get into meditation to calm their nerves and keep them happy. Whatever you do, ensure that they are not always cooped up inside the house.

Hire an experienced caregiver
Hiring an experienced and certified caregiver could go a long way in helping your seniors adjust to a life with limited mobility. Not only will a caregiver be able to support them with their day-to-day activities such as bathing, dressing, walking, etc., but will also offer companionship when the rest of the family members are too busy with other work. Make sure that you hire a trusted home care partner, with trained caregivers who know how to assist seniors who face serious mobility issues.

Talk to your doctor about medical aids
Your seniors may not be entirely comfortable relying on you or anyone for their daily movements. To ensure that their sense of independence is not lost due to their mobility issues, consult your doctors about any medical aids that they could use. This could include canes, walkers, elbow crutches or wheelchairs. Having these aids around could help them feel like they are aging gracefully, while dispelling your worries about their mobility.

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