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How to choose between a Walker and a Rollator


As we age, our usually supple and nimble limbs are the first to get affected. Most seniors have weaker legs since we all lose muscle mass as we get older. Sometimes, weak legs can also be caused by other physical conditions or even a serious injury, but otherwise it is a part of the normal aging process.

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This may necessitate the need to invest in a mobility aid that can help support your body, while also giving you the sense of independence to move around on your own. But what is the best way to choose between the plethora of mobility aids available today?

You all must have heard of the terms walker and rollator. That is because these two are the most common forms of mobility aid available to seniors. However, before deciding on the best mobility aid between the two, there are some factors you need to consider such as upper body strength to be able to constantly lift the aid for daily use, how easily can it be transported and stored, health factors such as height and weight to ensure you get the right fit, and lastly, your budget.

When it comes to the differences between a walker and a rollator, the one thing that you need to know is that the former consists of a frame with handles and legs that need to be lifted to move around, while the latter has wheels that can be pushed. Additionally, a walker allows a person to move at a slow pace, whereas a rollator has hand-operated brakes, and comes with three or four wheels.

So, how do you know which is the best for you? If you have recently had surgery such as one for hip replacement, and are unable to bear your body weight, but are mobile enough to move on your own, a walker is your best bet. It will give you that extra support and let you move at your own pace as you recover.

As for a rollator, since it is easier to manoeuvre, it is a good choice for seniors who are able to walk but need a little help with stability and balance. Moreover, a rollator can also help you conserve your energy since it does not have to be lifted like a walker. A rollator also allows for a faster walking pace, and helps you achieve a normal gait. It is important to note that some rollators come with a padded seat and backrest, so you also have the option to rest when you are tired of walking.

Choosing the right mobility aid can be a difficult task, but it is important that you get the best one to stay safe, active, and independent. Antara’s range of medical care products and equipment provides the highest level of care your loved one requires. Our MedCare products portfolio is a comprehensive offering of clinical-preferred and physician-recommended, high quality reliable items. From bathroom accessories, respiratory devices, to wheelchairs, back and knee support, and other walking aids such as crutches and sticks, we offer everything that you need for holistic wellbeing.

Before you choose between a walker and a rollator, it is also important to know how comfortable you will be with either of these aids. The more familiar you get with your mobility support, the lesser are your chances of falling and injuring yourself. Our ‘try before you buy’ option makes that decision simpler for you. Additionally, with easy purchase and rental options, along with 5-day returns, you can take your time to find the perfect mobility aid.

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