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Must-have products to assist you in your golden years

2021-Nov-15 Antara MedCare

As we all age, it is quite common for the body to need a little extra help. Some products can provide that little boost which can help seniors stay independent, safe, and lead life on their own terms. Let’s explore some of the products and measures that make great additions, improving senior care, and helping them live comfortably in their later years.

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● Mobility aids

With age, the legs and arms tend to weaken, body strength reduces, and sometimes has restricted mobility too. Seniors tend to lose balance, face stability issues, difficulty in walking and going about their routine activities. Products like walkers, walking sticks/canes, and wheelchairs help seniors move around more confidently and prevent falls or injuries.

● Bathroom safety

This is very critical as falls are one of the most common reasons that result in moderate to complex injuries among seniors such as dislocations, fractures, and spinal problems. Bathrooms are one of the frequent sites for these falls because they are slippery, and seniors tend to lose balance while getting up from the toilet. Equipping bathrooms with products such as anti-skid tiles, high grip bath mats, and grab bars help in preventing dangerous falls.

● Health monitors

Devices like BP and sugar monitors help seniors keep track of and control the levels from the comfort of their homes. Respiratory monitors and aids like oximeters, nebulizers, and oxygen concentrators are other products that cater to specific requirements of seniors.

● Telephones and mobile phones for seniors

Senior-friendly mobiles and telephones with large buttons, speed dial, hearing-aid compatibility, great battery life, and overall ease-to-use help them stay in touch without any challenges and immediately reach out for help as well, whenever needed.

● Medical alert systems, Pill dispensers, and Smart Doorbells

Many seniors either live alone or are at home while their family is at work every day. A good medical alert system equipped with features like GPS, fall detection, emergency response etc. gives both seniors and their families a sense of security and peace of mind. Pill organizers are a great addition as they help ensure seniors take the right medicines, on time. Automated dispensers even trigger an alarm reminding them to take their pills.

Security is another major area of concern, especially when seniors are living alone. A doorbell with audio and video capabilities ensures their safety as they can see and speak to anybody before they enter the home. Additionally, doorbells can be synced with phones of other family members, so they also get notified every time somebody rings the bell.

Choosing the right medical equipment

These are just a few among the many products available in the market today. From respiratory monitoring and support to walking aids and rehabilitation products, seniors may require a range of medical equipment and products. While some products like wheelchairs or nebulizers might be for temporary usage, some others like bathroom accessories or wellness monitors are more permanent needs.

Keeping senior care and their needs as the sole focus, Antara Senior Care offers a comprehensive range of medical products and equipment to aid recovery and wellbeing. With over 600 products to choose from across various categories, Antara’s MedCare Product Portfolio provides certified, high quality, medical grade products. From wheelchairs and walking aids to rehabilitation, back and knee support, or bathroom accessories, Antara Senior Care offers easy rental and sales options.

Antara MedCare Products Van further simplifies accessibility and buying of reliable medical equipment with doorstep delivery and a ‘try before you buy’ option. The wide range of clinically-approved and physician-preferred products aid recovery and wellbeing of seniors, ensuring they live a comfortable and safe life.
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